The Huntress In Amethyst CH’s1&2

The Huntress in amethyst.

“hurry, come on we cannot be caught” “for the love of why do we not just stop to fight them?” “because they are stronger than us” “well im tired of running away every time they decide to attack our home we should all fight to save it not run away and keep letting our enemy win its shameful” Athena stopped and readied her weapon as the wolves approached with speed,
“I am not afraid and I am not weak I shall stop you for once and for all” Athena pulled out her bow and readied an arrow before shooting it with power right into the leaders forehead suddenly there sounded a high pitched growl “how dare you little child” “little child? How dare a grown man attacking a child” Athena stood steady waiting for the consequence of stopping and fighting and hurting the pack leader.

The leader changed form back into human before grabbing Athena by her neck and staring at her “hah how can such a weak little child spill my blood?” “I am not weak I am stronger than any of you” “hah look at her pretty but foolish lets see how she fares against the pack shall we?” he laughed as he threw her onto the ground she watched as the wolves surrounded her, “Athena? Athena where are you?” her father turned to find her gone from following him “oh for I really wish she hadn’t taken her mothers strength” he ran back tracing her scent as he panicked “ah here is her loving father” the leader grabbed hold of him and pushed him towards the circle “you shall watch as your little girl fights for her life as we tear her apart limb from limb her father struggle out of his grip, “please Lucian you do not have to do this” “ah but you see I do have to do this as you see we are different I am a wolf and you my fine friend are a hunter it’s the way things work and now you are going to watch your pretty little daughter grasp at her last breath before grasping your own” “Lucian you were one of us do you not remember” “don’t dare try your dirty tricks on me they didn’t work before and they will not work now I left the hunt I am powerful now and there is nothing you stupid little hunters can do anymore we will rule like it should have always been now begin I want a show people”

Athena’s father watched as she fought off each wolf one by one before her bow snapped “hah now she’s defenceless how quaint I see mace that you still teach those ancient ways” “tried and tested but you know she isn’t just any child she was born from the woman you loved long ago do you remember her name do you remember her” Lucian looked at mace “it cannot be so you had a child with amethyst so what” “Lucian Athena is the last of her its all I have left of her please do not destroy that” mace knelt in front of Lucian “ah look how the hunter begs me for her life she is truly weak after all being made by such a fool” Lucian drew his sword and sliced mace’s head off before throwing it at Athena’s feet
“Father?” Athena picked up her father’s head as tears fell “aww is the little girl crying what a shame I’m done finish her off I am bored” Athena fell to the floor grasping for her breath as a silver sword pierced her shoulder and sliced her neck there she lay tears falling as her final breath left her.

“Omma what is that?” “Yunho don’t touch” a woman and her son were out looking for wood *gasp* “oh what is this?” Yunho poked Athena’s body with a stick “stop that you should treat the dead with respect” “Omma she isn’t dead” “there is no pulse or heartbeat” Yunho placed his hand on Athena’s chest and sighed “nope definitely not dead” Athena let a loud gasp “told you Omma” “ok well run back to the village and get doctor lee “ok” Yunho ran back and alerted the doctor who followed him to Athena “oh my poor sweet girl what happened to you?” “they got me and they killed my father” “why my dear?” “wolves” “wolves with swords?” “yes sir” “alright I think you must have dreamt when you were out come we will heal you” “no need” with those words Athena passed out.

Athena woke to whispers “this girl is strange” “indeed she brings trouble to our village” “but she is just a child” “no matter” “what if she hears us?” “she’s out” “Omma why do they talk bad of her?” “because of the bad omen they say she will bring death to us all” Yunho looked at Athena who pretended to sleep but he smiled he saw her “ok omma I will wait with her until you come home ok” “ok but if she wakes keep her here” “ok”.
Yunho waved as his mother went with others to the field to gather the food, “psst you can wake up now” “who are you?” “me my name is Yunho nice to meet you” “why do you not want me to leave like the rest?” “why you havent done anything” “but I’m not like you” “I know and I am not like the others” Athena looked at him “I have to get out of here” “too bad” “I cant stay here” “ only until the others get back then you can leave” Yunho handed Athena some clothing “here put these on you cant walk around with those hurry and I will show you the village” he left leaving a small gap in the door, Athena quickly changed and looked through the gap “so we saw the thing being brought into your house” “so?” “so shes a demon shes ugly shes bad” “shes going to eat you and your mother” “my omma and I can look after ourselves and her name is Athena she isnt bad I can see that why do you all pick on me” “aww is little Yunho going to go crying to his mommy” “no I can fight my own battles besides I am not scared of you” “we will see about that” and with those words the group of boys push Yunho over, “ouch idiots they will pay eventually I just feel it” Athena stepped out “you ok?” “yes they always beat on me its ok though I’m stronger” “I guess so the tour?” Athena smiled as Yunho dusted himself off ,Athena looked at him before getting excited “Athena you ok?” “I have to leave right now” “you cant” “I have to..before I I got to go” Athena ran into the forest.

“what on earth?” she shook her head as she ran.
It turned into night Athena slept in a hollowed out tree trunk waiting for the morning.


*NEW FIC* Aniyo Sarang.

aniyo sarang.
“i wont cry, I wont cry I wont cry this time” “whats up this time?” kaori woke up to see yoochun sat next to her “aiish bad dream again” she mumbled scratching her head “ah well at least its only a dream” “easy for you to say youve never been like me” “like you?” “forget it anyway im hungry” “we will be there soon” “soons not close” “wow you and changmin are alike in so many ways” “idiot” changmin just woke up and slapped yoochun on the back of his head “i am really not like her besides she seems a little off and im just perfect” kaori looked at changmin and thought to herself “does he know her past?” “hey hyung that was mean” “chun its alright ive heard worse” “exactly thats why I hate when friends say stuff like that” “hey chun could I get out and walj from here I know where im going so its ok right?” “sure but take a jacket” “its ok hyung ill go with her I need to stretch my legs anyway” “sure you do” “fuck you changmin you ass” yoochun pulled over to a stop after kaori shouted and let her out followed by jaejoong “you guys gonna be alright?” “yes I am grown up” “ok see you two at the cabin” kaori and jaejoong watched as yoochun and the others drove leaving them behind ,
jaejoong began to walk kaori stood to the spot “you comming?” “in a moment I just need to be alone for a second” kaori smiled looking at the floor as jaejoong began to walk but then stopped “i know some times everything can get annoying but just dont give up” “how can you say that ive survived more than anyone ” “look I have no idea about your past but I know that you donot forgive so easily and what changmin said was wrong allow me to say sorry for him and follow me I wanna show you something I think you will love” “jaejoong? ” “just follow or I drag you your choice” “uh I follow” “good choice” kaori followed jaejoong until they reached a forest “uh nope” “haha im not gonna murder you come on trust me” “fine but any funny business and ill kick your ass” “deal” eventually jaejoong led her into the forest and to a small lake which was lit with tiny bugs that looked like stars had fallen from the sky “see this is what I wanted to show you I used to live around here I used to come here when I needed to think so go ahead tell the water how you feel you will feel lots better and the best thing is that the water will listen intently will not interupt and will not judge trust me I do it ill leave and wait for you just get everything out and feel better” jaejoong left kaori alone by the lake but secretly hid behind a tree, kaori looked around to see if she was alone.

“ok this is stupid but I guess jae is right ok here goes lets see if you dont kill yourself after listening to me like he did after I told him huh well my father was a alcholic a drug addict a woman beating child interfering asshole,i am the by product of a rape I learned as a baby to be quiet or I had to watch my mother suffer him beating her infront of my crib, I grew up a little and suffered the same beatings, then day by day our neighbors took turns in abusing me I got raped at the age of eight by the neighbors son the police called me a liar,the school kids beat me made fun of me,then high school came and my fate was the same, beatings name calling you name it I got it ive been raped twelve times had one relationship but he killed himself infront of me,lost my mother at the hands of my father and me I stabbed him told the police he attacked me as I was cooking but they didnt belive me but one officer asked me what really happed so I told him the truth my father went to rape me so in defence I grabbed the knife and stabbed him before cutting his penis off I told the officer everything that he had done and told them that I wanted to make sure no one could suffer the same they let me go and now here I am surviving but lately im feeling weak ive become closer to someone but im not sure im allowed to um he has a girlfriend but she doesnt deserve him she treats him like an idiot but he goes to her anyway I want to love him like hes supposed to but how cani tell him if shes always there I want ja….” but before she could complete her sentance her phone rang “hello?” “hey where are you guys?” “oh I decided to walk slow my legs were tired we are on our way” kaori ran towards the exit where she met with jaejoong “you feel better?” “yes” kaori and jaejoong began to walk to the cabin.

“you think jaejoong will be happy im here?” “yeah hide hes here” jaejoongs girlfriend hid behind the sofa as kaori and jaejoong walk in “surprise jaejae” “what why are you here?” “thats a funny thing to say to your bunnywunny” kaori watched as she kissed jaejoong “ah so this is the famous bunnywunny nice to finally meet you im kaori” “yeah im emily nice to meet you kaori-shi” kaori bowed her head “ouch my leg hurts” “see told you not to walk the rest of the way come on ill carry you to your room oh and guys you all have your own room except for jaejoong” yunho carried kaori to her room hers was next to jaejoongs “great thanks” “no problem here you lie here and ill massage your legs for awhile” “its ok yunho im ok I think ill get some sleep” “alright but im cooking later so youll come down?” “certainly” yunho left closing the door kaori went to sleep.
“guys I think something is up with kaori” yoochun suddenly jumped up after hearing yunho’s words “what you mean something is wrong?” “dunno just that when we passed jaejoongs room she looked tired all of a sudden now shes sleeping” yoochun looked at jaejoong “what did you do to her?” “nothing we just walked here then she went upstairs why think I did anything?” “tch fine I guess I will go ask her” “later junsu shes sleeping” “hmm maybe she needs some girl time seeing as shes surrounded by men all the time” “maybe ok give it a shot when she wakes up” “thanks emily” “no problem jaejae” emily smiled before going to hers and jaejoongs room.

Jaejoong slumped into the armchair messing weith his phone “aiish no signal” “duh because we are in the middle of nowhere” “not true I have a signal see” yoochun held out his phone “me too” “and me” “alright I get my phone is poop” “do you need to make a call or something?” “yeah can I borrow for a second?” “sure here” junsu handed him his phone as jaejoong went outside before staring at the sky and sighing “oh this is the right thing to do right?” “huh whats the right thing to do?” “ah changmin uh nothing just nevermind hey why did you guys invite emily here?” “uh because shes your girlfriend” “yeah but the only reason I saiud yes to this trip is because she wasnt going to be here” “girl troubles jaejoong?” “aiish yunho hyungs stop sneaking up on me my heart cant take much more” jaejoong laughed “whoa was that a laugh?” “hyung?” “sorry just never seen you laugh so freely before” “yes not since you were single” “aiish thats just it I mean emily is great and all well great when we are in public but different when we are alone shes like possesed and well the sex is great when shes like that but shes just plain evil I thought it was a phase but now I think her nice side is an act” “then why not end the relationship?” “you dont think ive tried I tried once and she just followed me everywhere left messages at my apartment she even told me shed kill herself and I dont know about you but I definately do not want that on my concience” “aiish that does sound bad uh have you tried to talk to her?” “yeah aiish I dont know what to do because im stuck” “stuck indeed” “changmin hyung why talk like that?” “its me” “uh anyway can I tell you guys something?” “sure” “uh well ive kinda found someone else I want to be with but I think she hates my girlfriend” “let me guess this other girl is?” “uh well” “it doesnt matter anyway this other girl is too scared and too scarred to love properly or to accept love” “well if this other girl is making you feel better then your girlfriend then the obstacles that are stacked against her wouldnt matter to you if she means as much as you said then youd want to get rid of those obstacles” “i guess I just dont think I have the power too” “youll never know until you try” changmin spoke wise words before leaving jaejoong alone, jaejoong looked at junsu’s phone before opening the message app and inputted a number “i want to be the one to fix you kaori,i know who you really are,from jaejoong” he sent before going back inside and handed the phone back to junsu “you look pale” “im alright just a little cold im going for a nap”

Jaejoong sat on the bed as emily massaged his shoulders “you seem tense baby” “im ok just thinking about something” “it better be about me” “yeah always” “good hmm jaejae I want to marry you when are you going to ask me?” “when I am ready to” “but weve been together for two years it must have been the right time now” “not yet” “but” “NO buts I will ask if I want to” “what are you saying?” “stop being this way I mean you are the nicest girl when we are around people but the devil when we are alone” “im always nice to you jaejae” “stop acting” “im not I love you jaejae why are you acting like this” jaejoong shoved emily off him “ah jaejae why?” “stop it your making me insane woman” jaejoong stood to his feet before going to the mirror emily began to cry “you are angry?” “yeah” “why?” “because you keep me prisoner” “but I love you” “really werll why treat me the way you do?” Emily looked at him before wiping her tears away and smiling like the devil before pulling jaejoong over to the bed and began to tear off his clothes “is this what you want?” “no get off me” “no you belong to me I get to do what I want to you” emily smiled before placing a kiss on his lips “i said get off me” jaejoong mumbled as he tightened his grip on the sheets emily took out her nail file and began to trace hearts onto his chest with it “this feels good right?” “no” “right it feels good rtight jaejae?” “i said no” “and I said it does” emily pushed it into his flesh as jaejoong yelled, kaori woke to the screams “junsu why are you in my room?” “checking if you were ok” “well I was until their love making woke me up” “yeah sounds a little rough” “yeah a little too rough uh I think we should check on jaejoong” “nah he is grown how ever he wants his sex he will have it that way” “but what if something is wrong” “dont worry uh hows your legs?” “they are fine” kaori was worried why werent anyone else worried “so you comming for food?” “in a second lemme just freshen up and ill meet you down there” junsu smiled before closing the door “hurry changmin might eat it all”, kaori pressed her ear against the wall to listen “hmm maybe junsu was right”.

Kaori sat with the others as they ate waiting for jaejoong and emily “hey finally the lovers have decided to grace us with their presence” “changmin shut up” “hyung you look haggard” “i guess thats what sex does to you” kaori smiled before placing her plate down “im going for a walk guys” “but you havent eaten anything?” “im suddenly not very hungry” “alright” “dont go too far” “no problem” kaori took a peice of bread from the basket and grabbed her coat “hey kaori how about I come with uh turn it into a girly thing?” Kaori looked at jaejoong “alright anything to not hang with the guys for awhile” “true” kaori thought that this could be the perfect time to check emily out, “hey kaori be careful” “always” “what about me jaejae?” “yeah you too”.
Emily and kaori went for a walk. “so how did you come to know jaejoong?” “we met at dance school he was practicing and I walked in the room by accident” “sounds cute” “it was love at first sight for me” “really?” “yeah how about you how did you get involved with those lot?” “through yoochun I lived with yoochun since a kid so they are like family to me” “so you wouldnt be able to live without them?” “yeah kind of like that” “kaori decided to play a trick “though its a good thing we are all not blood related” “why?” “because I used to date jaejoong” “what when how why and why you break up?” “he decided to be strange with me” “yoo too” “huh?” “hes been hurting me when weve been alone see” emily pulledher sleeves up to show scratch marks but kaori knew what those were straight away “oh my god are you alright? Has he done anything else to you I mean he used to put his artms around my throat and scratch my inner thigh and leave huge scratch marks on my neck and back” “really?” “yeah but im happy I got out I suggest you do the same before something bad happens” “he wont hurt me no more” “you never know” “stop saying that” “im just saying the truth” “no your lying you want him to yourself again” “no I dont” emily picked up a branch *crunch* hit kaori over her head sending her to the floor in a pool of blood emily ran back to the cabin “guys kaori went evil she left me alone in the forest did she come back here?” “no” “we better go look for her” jaejoong stood “no way kaori wouldnt have done anything like that stop lying”  “jaejae what are you saying?” “im saying you must have done something” emily sniffled before running to her room “aiish jaejoong that was pretty harsh hadnt you better go check on your girl?” “no im going to look for kaori emily can wait this time guys I have a bad feeling”.

The guys left the cabin in search of kaori “look its midnight its been hours and its too dark we should go back and begin again tomorrow ” “no im not giving up on her” “jaejoong hyung your looking sick you need to rest lets go back we can look early in the morning ok?” “fine but im getting up as soon as its light” “we all will” yoochun walked slowly back to the cabin before falling to his knees “hyung?” “i promised” “promised what?” “i promised kaori that she wouldnt get hurt again and now shes gone lost probably hurt and I cant evern save her” “maybe its not you who is meant to save her this time?” “what junsu shut up” “no look ” junsu opened the sent message folder and scrolled down to the one jaejoong sent kaori “you asshole jaejoong who said you could even look at kaori?” “its not up to you yoochun” “it is when shes my family” “but she isnt family shes just some random girl who you decided to look after to make yourself feel better” “not true I made it my duty to protect her because of everything shes gone through” “stop being stupid” “im not non of you know about her all, you see is how sexy she got or how big her boobs are non of you even care about her like I do” “so then if you care that much for her why didnt you marry her or date her?” “because she isnt capable of feeling love or anything” jaejoong stood up “you are an ass shes killing herself in apathy and all you lot are doing is yelling at yoochun but he is the only one who is right” “huh?” “yoochun I overheard her I know what sdhes been through I know who she is allow me to be the one who saves her allow me to be the one who teaches her” “if you can break through her barriers then I will allow it but if you ever hurt her or make her sad fir even a second know that I will kill you” “thats fair uh but we should get some sleep”

“ouch daughter of a whore im going to kill her” kaori woke up and felt her head “slut what the hell im really going to get that psycho” she tried to stand but was to dizzy so she sat for a while “better sort my head out” she tore the strap from her tank top and placed a leaf on the gash before securing it with the strap before slowly standing to her feet “uh which way?” Kaori looked around before deciding to walk,a few hours passed before she came across the cabin inside she crept straight into the kitchen looking for food “kaori?” “who?” “its me” “me who im sorry I didnt know anyone was going to be here” “kaori whats wrong?” “i dont know you” “huh” “guys get your butts to the kitchen I think somethings wrong” kaori laughed as junsu glared “what?” “i totally got you wow you are so easy junnie” “thats, thats not funny at all kaori” “it was for me” “stfu” “watch your mouth little one” the guys rushed into the kitchen followed lastly by jaejoong and emily “hey im back” kaori smiled before looking at emily “now you I think have something to say to me” “no I dont it was you who was mean to me” “really?” “yeah” “ok” kaori smiled before grabbing jaejoong’s hand and pulled him closer which he was all to happy following as kaori smiled at him “what are you doing with my boyfriend” “what he actually wants you psycho” “dont call me that” kaori blinked before taking jaejoongs lips upon hers as he kissed her hard infront of everyone emily grabbed a knife and lunged towards jaejoong “if I cant have him no one is” kaori stepped infront of jaejoong as the knife slowly went into her just below her ribs emily stood back and laughed as kaori looked at the knife then at emily “oh come on if you wanted to kill me you should have aimed higher sheesh now I can show you but im not gonna cos im not like you instead imma gonna do this” kaori punched emily knocking her out “could someone take out the trash um whilst I go sort this thing out its becoming quite a pain” she smiled before blacking out jaejoong caught her.

jaejoong took her to her room and lay her on the bed before tearing her clothes off to her shorts “jaejoongie?” “just stay still I will get some help” “no please I want you to help me” “uh how you have a knife in you” kaori laughed as blood spilled from her lips “stop moving ill go get a towel” “thanks uh I need needle and thread, some water,bandage and a drink please” “why?” “cos im going to get it out but I will need your hands” “ill gladly give you my hands” “not the time mr horny” “sorry ill get the stuff I think changmin has the needle and thread hes such a woman” jaejoong opened the door to find the guys standing with the items kaori asked for “im not a woman by the way” “you are too” changmin mumbled as he gave jaejoong the thread and needle “thanks” “help her” “i am”, jaejoong closed the door and locked it before filling the bowl with warm water and sat next to kaori “ok what do you need me to do?” “i need you to hep me to my feet” “then I need you to thread the needle and keep hold of it until I need it and get ready with the towel oh and sorry if I get blood on you” “its ok” “ready?” “yeah” kaori smiled “i need you to hold my hips still as I pull out the knife” “ooh ill hold your hips for as long as you want” “jae?” “sorry ok im going to be serious” jaejoong stared at her as she smiled “alright” kaori took hold of the knife handle and pulled it gently and slowly “i cant its been too long” “uh what?” “gimme a sec” kaori took a deep breath before closing her eyes and quickly pulled out the knife “ok hand me the thread” “and the towel wipe away the blood” jaejoong cleaned the blood but it kep bleeding “ok justut pressure on it for a few moments” “i need to slow my heart so it stops pumping but I need you to stitch the wound quickly” “i cant sew” “learn quickly” “kaori I cant” jaejoong panicked as he shouted for changmin “the door is locked” “kick it down” kaori blacked out again as shetried to stay awake and slow her heart beat.

“shes still breathing luckily” “yeah oh hey could you clean this up” “and get some food for when she wakes””bossy much” “i wanna make her better” “bet you do” “not like that idiot” kaori opened her eyes a little “shes awake “hey sleepy” “what happened?” “you passed out and changmin got his woman on,junsu has been cooking,yunho has been cleaning,yoochun has been biting his fingers and I have been by your side cleaning you up” “i did not get my woman on” changmin gklared as kaori giggled “kamhamshida changminnie” “no problem kaori-shi just get better” “ill try” kaori closed her eyes for a second to wake to just jaejoong sleeping next to her she smiled as she gently trailed her fingers down his cheek jaejoong woke up and smiled “you ok?” “uh yeah I was just” “its ok” “i was just checking” “checking?” “checking to see if I could you know uh feel stuff” “you mean if you were capable of caring?” “yeah” “and?” “and I dont know I mean I know I feel like im uh nevermind” kaori blushed as she looked at the ceiling jaejoong gently grabbed her chin and turned her head towards his and placed a kiss on her cold lips “yummy bloody” “ah mianhamnida” “its ok this is our first perfect personal kissi like it” “uh” “say you want me and youll be free of all the pain and hurt youve been holding onto” “jaejoong?” “i want to share my life with you” “i cant” “but you cant grasp onto it for the rest of your life you will die ugly but you are beautiful” “i dont want you to get ruined by the pain like I have” “kaori I will happily hurt if you hurt even if it makes your hurt fade a little I already know your past dont hide from me” “how you find out did yoochun blab” “no I listened to you” “but I was alone” jaejoong began to cry “kaori say you want me we can make your ugly shy away and your beauty shine like it should youve survived everything that would have killed even the mightiest of gods but your still here fighting,but I want to fight with you,kaori allow me to share your battlefield with you, you cannot keep fighting alone” kaori closed her eyes and took a deep breath before letting go kaori sat up and leant on jaejoong’s chest and kissed him before placing her lips to his ear “i want you” “thank you” “dont let me down” “never now lay back down and be careful of your wound” “sure” jaejoong helped kaori back down as he lay closer to her and fell asleep with her hand in hers, kaori smiled as she turned her head and rested it on jaejoong’s.

The morning woke them both it was finally time to eat so yunho brought their food up “ah your awake how are you two lovers feeling?” “sore” “happy” “well kaori you will be sore and jaejoong has finally shed his ice armor ” “yeah kaori helped get it off” “funny”kaori giggled as she knew what jaejoong really meant “alright ill leave you two alone just send prince creepy down with the dishes” “alright thanks yunho” “enjoy”, The two lovers decided to spend the rest of the day in bed together,”should we at least grace the others with our presence?” “yep before they think we are up to something” “hehe yeah ill help you walk”
A week later they went back to the city, it was kaori’s birthday so jaejoong decided to throw her a party where he asked her to date officially which made everyone smile and his fans hate.

Moments (Yaoi)

Moments.(yaoi) Written by: Heajoong Shim

Ch1 TVXQ were on stage rehearsing for the concert later that night when their manager interrupted “hey guys why don’t you take a break?” he smiled as Yunho glared “huh but what about rehearsals?” Yunho looked at him the manager glared “no worry but don’t leave the stadium ok” the band nodded in simultaneous action.

Changmin snuck away before someone noticed “ah peace” he sighed as he walked down the long empty hall “Yo!” a voice echoed Changmin stopped and turned around Yunho had followed him “oh no” Changmin thought as Yunho caught up with him, Changmin turned to walk away when Yunho pushed him against the wall holding Changmin’s arm above his head Changmin didn’t struggle he closed his eyes trying to make magic help him out of this situation “hey open your eyes do you think I look that bad?” Yunho smiled as he leant closer Changmin opened his eyes and caught Yunho’s gaze “how can you not notice my heart for you? I give you all of my heart why don’t you take it?” Yunho whispered as Changmin stared in shock Yunho placed his hand onto Changmin’s waist forcing him to move his hips as he caressed him Changmin mumbled before quickly moving away and running down the hall into an empty room closing the door behind him.

Yunho stood holding his hand to his heart “why?” he asked himself as Jaejoong caught him “what’s going on?” “oh nothing I was just taking in the quiet” “right well have you seen Changmin?” Yunho shook his head “nope well I’m getting something to drink”

“stupid guy stupid” Changmin mumbled as he looked around the room suddenly a girl walked out from behind a screen “who’s stupid?” she smiled as she walked closer to Changmin “eh I didn’t know anyone was in here?” he smiled nervously but the girl just smiled and shook her head “it’s ok I hide too so what’s your name?” she lowered her head Changmin looked as she struggled to tie her ribbon “eh uh my name is Changmin uh what’s yours?” the girl looked at him before smiling “um I know we just met but could you please tie this for me?” she held out the ribbon Changmin nervously took hold and began to tie it into a bow the girl smiled “my name is Fa-Mae Yung” she smiled as she turned to Changmin he smiled “pretty name” “really ive never quite liked my name but its not so bad now” she giggled as she pulled on her shoes “uh what are you doing here Fa-Mae?” Changmin suddenly wanted to know everything about her she just smiled and lowered her head “I’m the opening act for the concert tonight” “really?” “yeah” Changmin suddenly realised that she was THE Fa-Mae he gasped “you are that Fa-Mae?” “last time I checked yes” she giggled “oh im sorry I just well I just think your music is ok im not a fan or anything” Changmin smiled “its ok I don’t mind besides I have my own reasons to play my music oh and im running late for rehearsals” Fa-Mae bowed her head before grabbing her coat “well are you going to hide here all night or are you going to tell the stupid man how you really feel?” Fa-Mae smiled taking the handle of the door Changmin shook his head “I don’t feel anything for Yunho” he mumbled Fa-Mae smiled “ok well im leaving so could you please lock my dressing room door after you leave?” “eh uh sure” Fa-Mae smiled before running to the stage.

“where were you you’re late?” Fa-Mae’s manager and body guard yelled as she stood on stage “eh I’m sorry I was having trouble tying the ribbon” she smiled “oh well next time call for help we cant have you in trouble or getting hurt now shall we get to rehearsing now” “yes sir” Fa-Mae smiled as she stood and smiled before she was handed a microphone “ok we play the music and you pretend to sing as you dance we will work on the steps first and then we will have you do both understand?” “yes” Fa-Mae glared as the front row seats became occupied by five men “well what are you waiting for?” “uh forgive me” Fa-Mae signalled for the stagehand to play the music, “ok go” Fa-Mae smiled as she began to dance across the stage “ok stop” Fa-Mae stopped as she caught her breath “you mistook a step do it again this is the part where you are supposed to be romantically embraced by the male before throwing him to the floor in front of you and stepping over him where is the backup dancer?” the manager shouted “they haven’t showed up boss” “what?” “uh ive called but they are running late” “ah great so how is she supposed to rehearse this is no good” Fa-Mae looked around the guys were talking amongst themselves “oi you lot!” “us?” “yes you I don’t see anyone else here do you?” “Yo relax” “who are you to tell me that you little brat?” “hey enough boss leave them alone” Fa-Mae stepped in front of her manager suddenly her manager grinned like a Cheshire cat “light bulb!” he exclaimed Fa-Mae gulped she knew when he said light bulb he had an idea “how about you take the backup dancers place?” he pointed to Jaejoong who hid behind Yunho “not me” “why not you seem perfect to work with look same height and everything it would work perfectly” Jaejoong hid again but Yunho pushed him to the stage “hey boss no I can do it myself if he isn’t comfortable” “no you need to practice” “but” “no buts just do as I say or else” Fa-Mae sighed as she mumbled “yes sir” she took her place before the music played Jaejoong waited in his place ready and watched as Fa-Mae danced towards him she looked at him “im sorry” she whispered as she told him the steps he nodded before grabbing her in an embrace lowering his hands down her chest resting them on her hips Fa-Mae turned to him before smiling and pushing him lower to the floor so he was on his back she stepped over him and gently pulled his head up towards her and made his face hover near her Jaejoong blushed as her moves were too sexy he felt uncomfortable “ok stop ok well we have your moves perfect and by the look on his face it works for him too” her manager smiled as Jaejoong quickly got up and left the stage his face had turned red.

Ch2 Fa-Mae stood staring at her feet “ok time for vocals are you ok?” “im hungry” “too bad you have to rehearse we will eat when we finish ok?” Fa-Mae nodded her stomach growled her manager signalled for the song to play Fa-Mae waited for her cue before singing she sang loud and clear it rang around the stadium like a bell her voice was sweet and melodic it sent shivers up Jaejoong’s spine as he watched her this was his first time hearing her the boys stood watching as she sang, “ok stop why do you sound sad?” “like I said I am hungry” “well like I said we eat when we done” “ok I heard you” suddenly her manager’s phone rang he answered it angrily before walking off the stage Fa-Mae stood holding her stomach

“I haven’t heard her before” Yunho smiled as he climbed onto the stage “hi I’m Yunho” “hello” “hey come up you lot” he smiled as Yoochun and Junsu joined them they introduced themselves Fa-Mae’s stomach growled “whoa when did you eat last?” “I cant remember” “really?” “really” Fa-Mae began to feel strange she looked at them “you ok?” “I don’t know is the place spinning?” “uh no” Yoochun grabbed a chocolate bar from his pocket “eat this it will help” he handed it to her “uh thanks” Fa-Mae began to eat when her manager interrupted “hey what’s going on?” “she was about to pass out man you should let her eat or do you want to lose your meal ticket?” “what are you saying?” “that’s how it looks its how you seem to be treating her” Yunho stood in front of Fa-Mae “you little brat” “you awful manager” Yunho answered back “guys please stop I cant be dealing with this right now” Fa-Mae shouted her voice heightened in anger they all turn to her “were sorry Fa-Mae” “it’s ok” her manager smiled “look Fa-Mae I don’t mean to sound harsh I just want to look out for you ok?” “I know but you have to loosen your grip on me once in awhile” she smiled “ok I will well shall we go get you something to eat?” “yes” Fa-Mae smiled as she waved to the boys

“wow what an asshole” “ah well” “well we should say something” “no leave it she seems to have control over him” Yoochun smiled as he went and sat on the stage Junsu followed Yunho glared looking for Changmin but he had gotten out before anyone had seen him, “eh what’s this?” Yoochun held up a small silver necklace “oh maybe it’s Fa-Mae’s?” “give it” Jaejoong swiped it from his hand and sat down “whoa what’s up with him?” “nothing is up with me now if we could please get back to rehearsing” the boys rehearsed without Changmin.

Changmin walked the hall thinking thoughts that he never wanted to think of “stupid how am I supposed to respond to something like that?” he sighed trailing his hand across the wall as he walked “hey Changmin” “huh?” “you thinking?” “um no not really” he turned to find Fa-Mae standing holding noodles “Kimchi!” “yes my favourite” “me too” he blushed “hey so if I don’t know lets say someone told you how their heart feels for you would you deny them?” Fa-Mae asked shovelling noodles into her mouth Changmin looked at the floor “but it all depends on the person telling me and if I can feel the same of that person” he answered in a nervous voice “well maybe you should hear that person out before denying them right?” she replied again with noodles in her mouth Changmin nodded “ok then well good luck tonight Changmin” “you too Fa-Mae” he turned to walk away again when Yunho shouted “Changmin where are you going?” “for air” “I come with you” “no” Changmin began to run Fa-Mae went into her room leaving the door ajar Yunho quickly caught up to Changmin and pinned him the wall holding his arms above his head before smiling Fa-Mae listened through the gap as they spoke “at least hear my heart” “get off me” “no how can you deny my feelings when all I do is think of you all my heart beats for is for you Changmin feel” Yunho placed Changmin’s hand on his heart so he could feel it beating Changmin closed his eyes hoping Yunho would leave but he didn’t “Changmin im fighting a battle here I don’t want to lose please listen to your heart” Yunho let Changmin go and walked away Changmin fell to the floor holding his head in his hands Fa-Mae gasped but hid in her room “Changmin why are you here everyone is getting ready you should be” Jaejoong interrupted “I was just I have a headache” “right well go tell the manager” “where are you going?” “to give this back to Fa-Mae” “oh it’s hers?” “I think so im going to ask her” “ok well no tell anyone I was here ok?” “sure” Changmin made his way back to his dressing room.

ch3 Jaejoong sorted his hair and clothes before knocking on the door “come in please” Jaejoong responded to the voice and entered closing the door behind him “Fa-Mae?” “oh um I will be right out” Jaejoong looked around when Fa-Mae appeared “ah oh you im sorry for earlier I didn’t want” “its ok I’m fine” “really?” “yes oh uh is this yours?” Jaejoong held out the necklace Fa-Mae gasped “yes I was looking for this where did you find it?” “on stage it’s pretty it looks expensive” he dangled it in front of her Fa-Mae looked at him “it’s priceless I just glad you found it thank you so very much” she smiled taking it from him “priceless?” “it was a gift from someone very important to me” Fa-Mae began to fasten it around her neck Jaejoong looked confused “so you have a someone then what is he like?” Fa-Mae looked and giggled “no I don’t have someone it’s nothing like that this was given to me by my father I wear it all the time it helps me keep his memories with me” she struggled to fasten the necklace “memories?” “yes he got killed” “oh im sorry” “im not” “uh why?” “he was always playing his violin never paid much attention to me except when I asked him to teach me to play and that’s why I keep memories of him only because of those times we spent playing” Fa-Mae sighed “come here let me help” Jaejoong fastened the necklace he stood looking she Fa-Mae stood quiet suddenly he got the urge to touch her he trailed his fingers from her neck to her shoulders “what are you?” “eh im sorry I fastened the necklace I didn’t mean to feel you im sorry” he panicked Fa-Mae turned to him “it’s ok I didn’t mind if I did you wouldn’t have your hands” she giggled Jaejoong looked at her “well I better go get ready for the show” “good luck I will be watching from the side ok?” “cant wait” he smiled before quickly making his way out of her room down to his room.

“hey Fa-Mae time to get you ready” “yes sir” her manager walked in holding a hanger with an outfit on “you wear this ok” “yes sir” “ok get changed” “right” Fa-Mae got into her new costume before showing it to her manager “nice” “right” “ok your hair and makeup I will call the guys” “okies” Fa-Mae sat on a table as her manager opened the door and sent in the make up guy and hair guy “well lets see what you are wearing?” Fa-Mae stood to her feet and twirled the hair guy gasped at an idea “ok sit” Fa-Mae sat in the chair as he teased her hair pulling one side back and pinning it behind her ear before braiding the front only leaving her bangs free the part he pinned behind her ear he tied up into the braided part and left the back to trail before spraying a light glitter hairspray to hold it into place “ok all done” “wow cute” “you think so I think there is something missing” he smiled before handing her a pair of silver dangling cross earrings and tied a white feather into the hair “there” “thank you” “no problem” “ok my turn” Fa-Mae smiled as the makeup guy applied her makeup he finished with a small white wing under her left eye “wow I look different” “that’s the idea” “thank you guys” “no problem sweetie” suddenly her manager walked in “ok come on to the stage its time to play” “yes sir” Fa-Mae was rushed through the hall to the stage and took her place on the bird swing above the stage waiting to be lowered to star her three songs.

Jaejoong watched her perform with a smile on his face before being told to head backstage where he waited patiently. “ok guys get ready the show is about to begin” their manger boomed Fa-Mae headed backstage “good luck guys” she smiled “you look great” “thanks” Yoochun smiled as he patted her on her head “hey” she giggled “hot” Yunho mumbled before taking his place on stage quickly followed by Junsu and Changmin Yoochun grinned before taking his place Jaejoong smiled “I like it” “me too oh good luck out there” “thank you” Jaejoong went to leave when Fa-Mae grabbed his hand “have fun” she smiled as she let go and followed him to the stage she waited at the side as they performed.

After the performance Changmin quickly got changed and got into the car ready to leave for the airport Yunho climbed in “what now?” “whilst we are alone will you listen to me?” “no its not right” “what?” “there can never be an us” “but?” “shut up” Changmin went to get out when Yunho grabbed him pushing him to the window placing his hands into Changmin’s trousers Changmin struggled but Yunho was too powerful “I need you Changmin” “get off me” Changmin yelled but Yunho persisted as he took hold of Changmin’s firm member “ooh so you are hot for me” he smiled before scraping his thumb gently across the head of Changmin’s member turning him on further “get off stop it” Changmin yelled pushing him but Yunho carried on as he began to gently tug making Changmin gasp and moan “stop im going… to…” Changmin spoke trying to stop from moaning and enjoying the attention “oh wow you kept that in long didn’t you?” Changmin cried as he came into Yunho’s hand soaking his trousers “you are hot for me I knew it” Yunho grinned as he pulled his hand from Changmin’s trousers and sat normal as if nothing happened Changmin moved away and covered himself “hey you two” “what?” “ah chill I was just trying to get into the car” “oh well you can have my seat” Changmin got out of the car and sat on the steps the rest of them climbed in “hey Changmin lets go” “no I got to do something first I will catch up” “I cant just leave you there” the manager glared as Fa-Mae sat next to Changmin “sir he wont be alone I assure you infact I insist her joins me to the airport” she smiled as their manager nodded “alright but if he gets lost I will make you responsible” “not a problem sir” the manager smiled and drove to the airport Fa-Mae looked at Changmin “here these should be your size” she handed him a pair of jeans he looked at her “what?” “uh for your little explosion” she looked “huh?” “look I saw what happened and you really cant walk around in soaked trousers just stop trying to lie to me and yourself” he took hold of the trousers and looked at her before smiling then ran and hid in a bush and changed his trousers before walking towards Fa-Mae “um?” “put them into the bag” she handed him a plastic bag “look don’t be ashamed ive been through this before” “this before?” “I mean cleaning up after someone when it happened to him” Fa-Mae smiled Changmin looked at her, his eyes widened his smile brightened as her words shot through him like an arrow Fa-Mae looked at him “Yunho cares for you does he not?” “I don’t know I don’t want to even think about it” Changmin lowered his head his eyes fixed onto the pavement beneath him Fa-Mae tapped his shoulder “look the way I see it is you at least need to listen to him before you dismiss his feelings maybe you will find out where your heart truly lies” Fa-Mae looked at the sky Changmin smiled “but he’s a guy I cant love guys” “why?” “because I am a guy” “so?” “it would look stupid to everyone” “but that shouldn’t matter” Changmin looked at her as her words embraced his heart “I mean if you love the person you are with then others shouldn’t matter all that matters is you and that person nothing more” Fa-Mae smiled before getting into the car and signalling for Changmin to follow suit.

Ch4 Yunho paced the airport terminal waiting for Changmin to arrive Yoochun watched him restlessly “what’s got into Yunho?” “no idea but he’s making me nervous” “should we ask?” “no bad idea” Jaejoong sat staring at the book he brought “hey always studying what are you studying this time?” Junsu grabbed the book when a smaller book fell from it’s pages “eh you pervert” Jaejoong quickly picked them up “no just I was” “eh Jaejoong a pervert” Junsu shouted Yoochun hushed him before taking a look at the book before taking a hold of the small book and smiled “hmm pretty decent reading if you ask me by the way doesn’t she look cute in the bedroom shoot” he winked handing back to Jaejoong “Junsu leave him alone it’s the first interest he has shown in a girl” Yoochun smiled leading Junsu to an open area and kicked a ball around with him as Jaejoong read the book “you like Fa-Mae right?” Jaejoong looked up the manager stood holding coffee “eh no just looking I um” “it’s ok she’s a pretty ok person” “huh?” “ive know her and her manager for a few years trust me you couldn’t ask for a nicer girl you picked a good one this time” he smiled as Jaejoong hid behind the pages again, “hey boss” “Changmin” “told you I’d make it” “oh and you bring guests” their manager escorted them to the seats where Fa-Mae sat next to Jaejoong “ooh interesting read” she smiled Jaejoong looked at her “I wasn’t perving honest” Fa-Mae giggled “it’s ok I said yes to the book so people would understand me a little more and to prove to myself that I can be cute and sexy at the same time oh have you seen the bedroom shoot?” “no I haven’t gotten past the bio page” “hmm” “you have so many interests I like them” “right her give” Jaejoong nervously handed her the book and watched as she turned to the bedroom shoot “here” she showed him she was laid on a bed with plushies and white feathers but she was only wearing a oversized t-shirt with a name on she had her finger on her lip she was looking provocative Jaejoong coughed and got up “um” “what’s wrong?” “I um you um I uh” “hey look at the name on shirt” Jaejoong looked again “Jaejoong” “you” “me?” “yes” “why?” “you figure it out” Fa-Mae sat glaring at her hands when Yoochun sat next to her “so how long have you been performing?” “um a few years” he smiled “I that was the first time I heard you I mean ive been told of you I just never listened to your music” Fa-Mae laughed “it’s ok im not a fan of you either” she smiled before standing and walking over to Yunho grabbing him by his arm “come with me now!” she whispered Yunho followed reluctantly

“what you are doing to Changmin isn’t the right way to do it” “I don’t get what you are saying” Fa-Mae looked at him “Changmin is a romantic at heart if you want him to listen back off and let him breath if you don’t mess with him he will start to wonder what’s wrong and then he will come to you” Fa-Mae smiled Yunho looked at her and then at Changmin “I love the guy I just don’t know why he denies my heart” “look he thinks he cant like other guys he’s young but he will realise I know he will just give him time ok?” “sure but how do you know it will help?” “I just have a feeling” Fa-Mae smiled before standing with her manager Yunho watched as Changmin and Junsu played soccer.

“ok guys time to get on the plane” “alright” “ok” the boys got onto the plane Fa-Mae watched as Jaejoong nervously walked past her “ok Fa-Mae you too” “huh but?” “but nothing you have time off so im treating you” “where are we going?” “Paris with the guys” “really?” “I overheard you talking to guy when he was doing your hair” “oh thank you ive always wanted to go here” Fa-Mae skipped onto the plane “um where is my seat?” she looked “next to Jaejoong im sorry” Fa-Mae smiled “oh no don’t be this is perfect” Fa-Mae sat next to Jaejoong who was still reading the book “hey” “eh hey” “what’s wrong?” “nothing” Jaejoong hid behind the book further hiding his face Fa-Mae smiled.

Yunho sat next to Changmin who stared out of the window Yunho looked at him his heart began to sink “hey Changmin I have to talk to you” “I have nothing to say to you” Yunho placed his hand on Changmin’s knee “get off” “listen I want to apologise for what I have been doing to you I’m sorry” Yunho looked away Changmin felt something in his heart it felt like he was hurting but he couldn’t admit it to Yunho he might think he was falling for him, truthfully Changmin was falling for him.

Ch5 Yoochun and Junsu watched as Jaejoong and Fa-Mae spoke to each other “you think he will notice that she is flirting with him?” Junsu whispered as Yoochun giggled “no” “oh maybe we should get involved?” “eh no bad idea” “but we are going to Paris the love city” “true but I still don’t think he would know her heart even if it hit him in the face and said hello I love you” Yoochun and Junsu laughed Changmin looked over at Yunho sleeping “he is cute no, no I cant like him” he thought to himself as he couldn’t take his eyes off him “but would it be wrong if I loved him I mean no one else should matter Fa-Mae’s words are right” thoughts flooded his mind “I guess I could listen to him it wont do me any harm” Changmin smiled suddenly Yunho held onto Changmin’s hand Changmin felt warm like he was used to it but he quickly pulled his hand away before someone noticed Fa-Mae looked over at him and nodded Changmin shook his head before going back to looking out of the window

“hey Jaejoong do you have a girl waiting for you to return?” Fa-Mae smiled at him as he blushed “no I mean I haven’t found one I like” “aww im sure there are plenty that want you” “that’s the thing they only want me for someone I act as but I want someone who wants me for me and not this me understand?” “I see well I hope you find her or him” Fa-Mae giggled Jaejoong gasped “I’m not gay I like girls” “I see” Fa-Mae smiled as she grabbed his hands “notice a lot more maybe the girl is right in front of your eyes just open them and let her in or you will lose her” she smiled as she let go of his hands he hid behind the book again Fa-Mae looked at the sky Jaejoong kept taking secret peeks of Fa-Mae his heart began to flutter at each glance but when she turned to him he hid in his book. The plane had landed in Paris Fa-Mae and TVXQ got off and waited in the terminal for their luggage the managers collected them and asked for them to be taken to the hotel ready for collection. “alright boys we are here for the photo book” “we know” “go to the hotel and rest up we have busy day in the morning” the boys got into the car and drove to the hotel leaving Fa-Mae and her manager waiting “well?” “well what?” “you are free” “free?” “do what you want take a huge break” “really?” “yes oh one thing if your heart requires love make sure the one who has it is the right one” Fa-Mae smiled “I think I have chosen the perfect guy” her manager smiled “Jaejoong?” “how did you know that?” “because his manager and I have been talking and it seems you two get along very well I hope he realises” “me too” “well make it happen after all this is Paris” Fa-Mae smiled as she was escorted to her car and drove to the hotel.

“ah Miss Mae please allow me to welcome you to our hotel would you like anything?” “not right now um I do need to ask a request” the woman smiled “certainly” Fa-Mae looked “are there a band staying here under the name TVXQ?” “let me check” “oh I only want two room numbers for them” “what names miss” “Changmin and Jaejoong please” Fa-Mae smiled as the woman typed in the names “ah here Changmin is in room 308 and Jaejoong is staying in room 300” “thank you oh would it be possible to have their room keys?” “we cannot allow that miss” “but Changmin asked me and Jaejoong is someone who needs me we are friends” the woman smiled “ah I see well then here you go is this all?” “for now yes and thank you” “no problem if you need anything just call the front desk” the woman bowed as Fa-Mae went to her room and sat on the window seat looking out across the city the stars twinkled. There was a knock on the door “come in” she mumbled as the door slowly opened Changmin walked in closing the door behind him “are you ok?” “I don’t know im confused” Changmin stared out of the window “sit down” “uh” he gulped and sat on the edge of the bed Fa-Mae sat looking at him before smiling “Changmin you love him right?” “huh it not allowed” “who says?” “everyone” Changmin sighed “well then why don’t you tell me the real reason” “that is the real reason” Fa-Mae looked at him he gulped before getting up to leave “Changmin if you keep lying to your heart it’s going to leave you alone the way I see it your heart found someone it connects with you should listen to your heart follow it you will find love and happiness and you might like it give it a try you will find your true self” Fa-Mae pointed to the door Changmin smiled “I cant” he left leaving her door open Yunho stood glaring “come in” he walked in closing the door “what did you say?” “nothing just told him to listen to himself” “um well I think you scared him” “I scared him more like you scared him you know what sort it out yourself” Fa-Mae left her room for a walk “where are you going at this hour?” “for a walk” “ok be careful” “I always am”

Ch6 Changmin left the hotel Yunho searched for him but he was nowhere to be seen, “Fa-Mae have you seen Changmin?” Fa-Mae turned to him she had seen where he had gone and smiled “yes he’s taking a walk that way hurry and you will catch him” Yunho smiled “thank you” “no problem” Fa-Mae smiled as she carried on walking. Changmin stopped at a river and stared at his reflection in the water “hey” “get away from me” “I just want to talk” “like last time?” “that was wrong of me” “leave me alone” “I am sorry” “I am going to tell manager that I quit the band” “why?” “because I cant be in the same room as you” Yunho looked at him “im sorry” “just stay away from me” Changmin walked away Yunho watched him as he walked looking at the floor “Changmin wait up” “babo!” “hey no call me an idiot” “its what you are” Yunho ran after him as he carried on walking alone Changmin hated Yunho but loved him his heart fluttered at every look and touch Yunho gave him but accepting himself as gay would never be ok for Changmin. “Yunho please stop” “let me tell you” “you know if it makes all of this go away then fine” Changmin stopped and looked at the sky “it’s raining” “I noticed” Yunho caught up to him the rain fell on them as they stood looking at each other “Changmin you know my feelings for you I wont ever give them up just being together in the same room makes me happy even if you cannot return my feelings I am happy knowing you know my heart it will always beat for you see” Yunho grabbed Changmin’s hand placing it upon his wet chest “I…feel it” Changmin looked at him “then how can you deny my heart?” “because I don’t feel the same for you” Changmin snatched away his hand and turned away but Yunho grabbed him pushing him towards the fence “I know you” Yunho placed his hand onto Changmin’s chest his heart beat as fast as his own Changmin looked away Yunho gently held Changmin’s head and pulled it towards him “look don’t deny yourself I know your heart wants my heart just let me in” Changmin closed his eyes as Yunho leant closer and put his lips to his ear and whispered “you are my one” he moved away and looked at Changmin before walking away Changmin looked at him before shouting to him “Yunho take me” his tears fell Yunho stopped still and turned to him “only if you can say those words you want to say” Changmin smiled as his tears fell harder “you are my one my only one my everything” he shouted as he ran into Yunho’s arms both soaked from the rain “I will look after your heart my one” Yunho took Changmin to a inn.

“hey Fa-Mae” “ah Jaejoong” “where are you going?” “for a walk” “want me to escort you after all it is late?” “haha what’s with the prince charming routine?” both of them giggle as they walked the river front together staring at the rain hitting the surface “such beauty” Fa-Mae smiled as she held out her hand catching each drop that fell upon her skin Jaejoong smiled “hey Fa-Mae you know the guy everyone said would be perfect for you what do you think?” he shyly asked staring at the water Fa-Mae smiled and grabbed his hand “I think that they are all wrong and that I have my eye on someone else besides that guy is wrong it feels cold when I talk with him” Jaejoong blinked as he pulled his hand away and hid his face Fa-Mae giggled as she leant in closer to him “Jaejoong” she whispered he turned his head to look at her when suddenly their lips meet prompting them to kiss as rain fell around them the sound of each drop echoed Jaejoong moved away and blinked he looked confused “oh uh” Fa-Mae smiled “uh I have to go” “why?” “I’m getting wet” “I am too” “well lets get out of the rain” Jaejoong grabbed Fa-Mae’s hand as he led her under a bridge it was dark and cold he stopped and looked at her before pinning her against the wall trailing his hands across her chest resting them on her waist as he smiled “Jaejoong?” “hmm” “weren’t you the shy one?” “I uh well I kind of like you” he nervously mumbled as he stared at her smiling Fa-Mae smiled and gently placing her finger on his lips “hmm well I kinda like you too” she smiled as she blinked Jaejoong looked at her before moving her finger and placing a delicate kiss on her lips he gently pressed his body into hers as they embraced each other.

Changmin followed Yunho into the empty inn room locking the door behind him, Yunho took his wet shirt off throwing it to the floor and messing his hair up Changmin watched with enchanted eyes “hey what are you thinking?” “uh I was just looking” Changmin shyly replied before unbuttoning his top three buttons from his soaking shirt Yunho smiled before grabbing him and pulling him closer “its more fun when I help” he smiled as he began to unbutton the rest of them Changmin gulped he wanted Yunho but he didn’t know what was going happen “hey no look so nervous” Yunho gently whispered into Changmin’s ear sending Changmin into a hot mood.


Yunho threw Changmin’s shirt on top of his own before taking Changmin to the bed placing him upon it’s clean soft sheets Changmin looked nervous “it will hurt a little” “please take me I don’t care” Changmin smiled as Yunho pulled of Changmin’s trousers and taking off his own throwing them onto the ground “you feel ok?” Yunho asked concerned as he began to trail his fingers down Changmin’s soft skin until he reached Changmin’s hard member Changmin shivered with his touch he wanted to feel him he wanted all of his love, Yunho gently kissed Changmin’s chest focusing on his nipples Changmin softly moaned as he began to feel aroused Yunho smiled as he kissed lower until he reached Changmin’s member he took hold of it and smiled “I think you are ready” he smiled before he inserted two fingers into him and began to massage Changmin’s spot Changmin gasped trying to hold back the pain but with the pain also came pleasure he held on “I think I can get one more inside” “it hurts” “I know this is the first time but it will feel better once I have stretched you out a little more” Yunho mumbled as he inserted another finger inside Changmin began to cry the pain was excruciating but he wanted to feel Yunho, Yunho began to thrust his fingers deeper as he inserted another finger Changmin breathed heavily as Yunho thrust inside him “I think you are truly ready now” he said in a whisper as he pulled his fingers out “I am waiting” Changmin cried as Yunho inserted his hard member inside of Changmin thrusting deeper and faster Changmin closed his eyes as the pleasure reached him sending him into ecstasy Yunho gently caressed Changmin’s penis masturbating him with each thrust of his own “Changmin you are too new to this” “I don’t care I need you inside me” Changmin moaned as he moved his hips Changmin began to softly moan “Yunho I..I feel I’m nearing the end” “just hold out” “I…can’t” Changmin shouted as he came into Yunho’s hand Yunho smiled as he thrust a few last times before he came inside Changmin and pulled out and lay next to Changmin who still had his eyes closed “you will feel more” “I want to” Yunho smiled as he kissed Changmin’s eyelids gently he held him in his arms falling asleep.

Fa-Mae began to feel warm as Jaejoong kissed her his kissed melted onto her lips Jaejoong stopped and looked at her “um are you ok?” “yes I’m fine I was just” Jaejoong leant his head closer so their lips were barely touching he smiled before whispering “be mine?” Fa-Mae smiled before telling him she will he smiled then kissed her again lowering his hands into hers as they both stood under the bridge suddenly Fa-Mae’s phone rang “great moment ruined” Fa-Mae mumbled as she answered the call it was her manager he told her Jaejoong hadn’t been seen “it’s ok I saw him” “great where?” “I wont tell you” “stop messing around” “I’m not we I mean I am just taking a walk” “we is he with you?” “no” her manager knew she was lying “alright well make it count this is your shot if he doesn’t click you should just leave him” “ok I will return when I’m done with my walk” Fa-Mae ended the call and looked at Jaejoong “ooh naughty boy they are all looking for you” “really?” “yes” Fa-Mae giggled as Jaejoong looked at her before grabbing her phone placing it into his pocket and began to kiss her again Fa-Mae pulled away as she held onto his hand “what’s wrong?” “we are going to wear kissing out” she laughed as Jaejoong smiled “ok well let me try this” he nodded before wrapping his arms around her Fa-Mae stood closing her eyes as she hugged him her head resting on his shoulders “this is…” “perfect” Jaejoong finished Fa-Mae’s sentence as he closed his eyes as he held her they stood holding each other in quiet as the rain fell.

“hey where is Fa-Mae?” “why?” “I wanted to ask her something but her room is empty” “you went into her room?” “yes and I find these” Junsu held out a pair of white lacy panties Yoochun gasped and grabbed them off him “dude you cant just take those” Yoochun went to Fa-Mae’s room and placed them back into the drawer he closed it then went to return to his room when he spied a letter on the bed he read it knowing it had nothing to do with him as he read the words he smiled then returned the letter back into it’s place before going back to his room where Junsu sat glaring at his soccer ball. “I have just read something that I find cute” Junsu perked up and asked him what Yoochun smiled and told him that Jaejoong had an admirer “so you think he knows?” “I doubt it if he even clicks to accept Fa-Mae’s heart he wouldn’t know what to do with it” Yoochun smiled as he called Jaejoong “Yo! I think you should know that Fa-Mae is in love with you” he smiled telling him “oh ok” Jaejoong replied before ending the call Yoochun smiled “I think he got it” Junsu looked “got what?” Yoochun slapped his own forehead as he looked at Junsu “he got what Fa-Mae has been telling him” “ah ok”.

Ch8 Changmin woke in the morning to the sound of a shower he looked around before looking at his reflection he suddenly thought he was happier Yunho entered the room and smiled as he sat next to Changmin “how are you feeling?” “I feel ok” Changmin sighed as Yunho looked at him “I can make you feel more you know” “I want to but we have to get to the hotel the others are waiting for us” Changmin went to get his clothes but Yunho grabbed him and threw him onto the bed pinning him down so he felt in control Changmin smiled as he let him “I want to give you something more” “but?” “just enjoy me” Yunho smiled as he lowered to Changmin’s member “oh already hard” Yunho whispered as he took Changmin’s penis into his mouth gently licking the shaft before he began to suck gently scraping the head turning Changmin on further until point of explosion Yunho smiled as he drank Changmin’s juice before looking at Changmin who lay with his eyes closed and his finger twisted with the sheets “you are beautiful” Yunho smiled kissing him on his cheek before getting dressed and leaving for the hotel, Changmin sat up and smiled as he listened to his own mind “I am ok with this” he whispered as he got dressed and went to the hotel.

“Fa-Mae we should get back” “yes we have been here all night?” “yes you fell asleep so I sat with you” “you could have woke me and we could have gone back to the hotel” Jaejoong smiled as he moved her hair from her face “I know but I wanted to look at you for a little longer” he smiled as he held her hand “aww who knew you were romantic” Fa-Mae smiled as she got up and stretched “ok we should go now don’t you have a photo book or something to take part in?” “ah yes oh hey I want you to come with us” “I don’t think it will be ok for me” “I ask but if not I will meet with you afterwards and we can go on our own tour” Jaejoong smiled as he escorted her back to the hotel “ah there you are we have been worried” their managers ran to them and grabbed them “Fa-Mae are you ok?” “yes boss I had so much fun” she smiled as she looked at Jaejoong “Jaejoong I told you to not leave the room” “I wanted to I couldn’t let her walk alone at night” “alright well hurry get changed your clothes are in the room” Jaejoong nodded at his orders before walking over to Fa-Mae placing a kiss on her cheek and went up to his room “oh well what’s going on there?” Yoochun and Junsu smiled as they walked over to her “eh oh um I think he was just being friendly” “right it looks that way” Yoochun smiled as he patted her head “hey leave her alone” her manager ordered Yoochun smiled “we were just having fun sir” “ok but don’t tease her” “alright”

Fa-Mae glared at Junsu and Yoochun before seeing Changmin walk into the lobby from the room he was cleanly dressed in a gray suit with his hair tied back by a ribbon she smiled as she ran to greet him “hey Changmin” “ah Fa-Mae” “you ok?” “I’m perfect” Changmin smiled Fa-Mae looked at him “how are you feeling?” “huh?” “did you talk to him did you listen to his heart?” Changmin looked at her before hushing her and smiled “I am glad you made me listen to him I don’t deny him anymore” Fa-Mae smiled “I knew you would I am happy for you two” she hugged Changmin before walking into the elevator the doors opened Jaejoong stood fastening his cufflinks until he looked up “Fa-Mae I uh can I ask you out loud?” Fa-Mae looked at him he was dressed in a black suit with his hair pulled back at one side his shirt was un fastened a little from the top she smiled “yes” Jaejoong grabbed her hand and stood next to her before shouting for attention “hey everyone” they all turn to him “what’s going on?” “I have no idea” their managers questioned “uh I want to ask Fa-Mae to be my girlfriend is it ok?” “sure glad you found her” Fa-Mae’s manager yelled as Junsu looked at him before agreeing, quickly followed by Yoochun, Changmin and Yunho “what about manager?” Jaejoong looked at him as his manager glared “no” Jaejoong’s heart sank he had quickly fell for Fa-Mae and hearing him being told no hurt “hurry up we have a shoot” the boys followed the manager Jaejoong turned to Fa-Mae “no worry I am yours we can date in secret” he whispered before leaving with the others Fa-Mae looked at her manager and began to cry as he hugged her.

Ch9 TVXQ walked around whilst having their photo’s taken for the book Jaejoong thought of Fa-Mae he began to show it Yoochun cornered him and spoke to him “you know you should just do what you want not what everyone else wants you to do” Jaejoong smiled “I want to I just don’t want manager to blame Fa-Mae” “ignore him question is do you think she is worth it?” Yoochun smiled as Jaejoong’s eyes widened “I want to share my world with her” “well then just go for it” suddenly Yoochun’s phone rang “hello?” “it’s Fa-Mae’s manager I called to tell you that she has decided to leave Paris” “why?” “she cant handle the pain of what just happened she wants to go back on tour” “uh ok what time are you leaving?” “at three pm” “ok I will do” Yoochun ended the call and looked at Jaejoong before shaking his head “she’s leaving Paris” “she cant I promised her we would go for a walk again” Jaejoong yelled as he looked at him “what time she leaving?” “three” “but it’s already 2:35” “there’s nothing you can do blame manager for it” Yoochun shrugged Jaejoong closed his hand into a fist before untying his tie and ran towards the hotel he was only a few miles away Yoochun called Fa-Mae’s manager “he’s running to you?” “we are just packing” “keep her busy” “but we have to leave” “I think he loves her” “oh ok I will try but she is stubborn” Yoochun ended the call and got into the car where the others were waiting as they had their photo’s taken “what’s going on?” “Jaejoong is going to Fa-Mae” “why?” “she’s leaving” “what?” “because of manager” “right we have to do something” “there is nothing” Yoochun sat staring at the steering wheel before Yunho yelled “drive maybe we catch up to him then we can take him to her quicker” Yunho smiled as he and Changmin got out “we will walk and keep manager busy” “ok”

Yoochun drove to catch up to Jaejoong and pulled him into the car before driving to the hotel hoping it wasn’t too late, “hey Fa-Mae have you forgotten anything?” “I don’t think so” “better check” Fa-Mae began to check her room as her manager secretly called Yoochun “we are just on our way” “hurry” Fa-Mae walked in “no I have got everything” “ok lets get to the lobby” her manager’s phone rang “hello?” “he is in the lobby” “ok tell him to get into the elevator and come up” “ah I see what you are planning” Yoochun ended the call and yelled to Jaejoong “she’s at her room” Jaejoong got into the elevator and rode it until the doors opened finding Fa-Mae standing looking sad he looked at her and gently pulled her head up so their eyes met “Jaejoong?” “please don’t leave” “but we cant be together” “forget everyone else it’s just us that matter” he smiled as a tear fell from his eye Fa-Mae looked and wiped it away before hugging him “fine then we be together” “I love you” “huh you just..” Fa-Mae looked at him Jaejoong smiled and nodded before placing a kiss on her lips pulling her into the elevator as the doors closed he pushed her to the back and leant closer as he began to gently touch her skin placing his hand into hers as he kissed her neck suddenly the doors opened their manager was stood glaring “we are perfect” Jaejoong smiled as he took hold of her hand “wait!” “what?” “play safe” his manager smiled Jaejoong and Fa-Mae ran outside “get in” Yoochun smiled as he waited for them to get into the back seat, Yoochun smiled as he drove Junsu covered his eyes “why are you not looking?” “um they need private time” Yoochun looked in the mirror “whoa” Jaejoong pinned Fa-Mae onto the seat and lay on top of her trailing his hands into her trousers as he kissed her Fa-Mae smiled as she held onto him “I love you Fa-Mae” Jaejoong whispered as he caressed her gently “ok you two go get a room” “cant you drive longer?” Jaejoong asked Yoochun smiled “ah I see um but what if people see you I mean I couldn’t care less I just don’t think Junsu can handle it I think you two are turning him on” Yoochun laughed as Junsu glared “ok” Junsu smiled “you know what I will just get out and leave you to have your fun” Yoochun stopped and waited for him to get out before driving away, Jaejoong looked at Fa-Mae and gently moved her hair from her face as he smiled “you are amazing” “Jaejoong isn’t this a little dangerous?” “yeah but fun also” he smiled as he unzipped her trousers and inserted himself into her Fa-Mae gasped “Fa-Mae are you ok?” “I just it hurts” “oh was this your first time?” Jaejoong whispered as he thrust slowly trying not to hurt her more “no” she lied as he smiled “I know you are lying but it’s ok I will keep you safe” he hugged her as he thrust deeper making Fa-Mae moan softly, Yoochun smiled as he kept driving until they had finished he got out and walked to his room leaving them both asleep in the back seat.

Ch10 Changmin grabbed Yunho and ran into an alley keeping an eye for people before pinning Yunho against the wall “hey” “listen to my heart” Changmin grabbed Yunho’s hand and placed it on his chest “I feel the same for you” Changmin smiled as he began to unbutton Yunho’s trousers and looked at him before kissing his neck “Changmin what if someone sees us?” “do you care?” “no just wow” Changmin knelt on his knees and took Yunho’s hardened member into his mouth and began to slowly suck as Yunho dug his fingers into the wall trying not to moan loud Changmin began to get faster as he gently trailed his hands onto Yunho’s hips making him move with him turning them both on “Changmin we…Cant” Yunho tried to keep his voice down Changmin smiled as he tightened his grip on Yunho’s waist Yunho moaned louder as his pleasure reached the climax he came into Changmin’s mouth, Changmin struggled to swallow all of the come but suppressed his gag reflex to drink it all it seemed to go on forever, “Changmin” “I did it” “yeah but now I have to pay you back tonight” Yunho sighed as he pulled up his trousers and tidied himself up before smiling.

Junsu walked past he saw what Changmin had just done “what the hell?” he thought as he made his way back to the hotel “that isn’t right” he mumbled as he sat in the room Changmin walked in followed by Yoochun and Yunho “Yo!” Changmin smiled but Junsu hid in the bathroom “what’s up with him?” “I have no idea” “ah well” Yoochun smiled “so did you have fun” “huh?” “driving around whilst listening to them have sex?” “ah that well all I can say is I need a lot of private time” Yoochun laughed.

Jaejoong woke up and smiled as he lay with Fa-Mae he took off his coat and pulled it over her before gently touching her cheek he smiled as she slept soundly it began to get dark so her got out and carried her to the lobby “excuse me which is Fa-Mae’s room number?” “ah sir welcome back is she ok?” “she’s asleep and very tired so I wanted to carry her to her bed” “aww how romantic well miss Mae’s room number is 301 here is the key” Thanks” Jaejoong got into the elevator and went to Fa-Mae’s room opening the door her manager stood glaring “I brought her home she fell asleep” “ok I will look after her” her manager smiled but then stopped “no I will leave her with you for the night” he smiled before leaving closing the door behind him, Jaejoong lay her on the bed then sat next to her and watched her sleep until he fell asleep.

Yunho called Changmin into his bed and hid under the duvet as Changmin followed suit they both began to mess with each other under the sheets Yunho kissed Changmin’s lips pushing him onto the bed and lay on top of him before biting his lip gently turning both Changmin and him on Yunho touched Changmin in places he has never been touched before Changmin’s heart beat faster he wanted more so he held Yunho’s hips “ooh naughty you want that do you?” he smiled Changmin nodded as Yunho opened Changmin’s legs inserting himself into him and began to masturbate as he thrust faster and deeper Changmin began to moan as he enjoyed the sex Yunho licked his lips as he began to move Changmin’s hips with his making it more pleasurable for them both Changmin took hold of the bed sheets as he covered his mouth with them trying to hide the moans, Yoochun walked in and saw them before backing out and hiding in the bathroom locking the door and sat on the floor before unzipping his trousers and taking hold of his member and began to masturbate, Junsu over hear Yoochun in the bathroom “geeze I need to get laid” he mumbled before hiding in his sheets trying to resist the urge to touch himself he covered his head with a pillow and fell asleep.

The morning woke him up there were no signs of Yoochun or the other two so he took out a picture of Fa-Mae and began to touch himself until he began to masturbate thinking of her doing things to him suddenly the door opened Jaejoong walked in Junsu quickly threw the photo and accidentally turned it to a page with Jaejoong on “what are you?” Jaejoong saw and the walked out “no it’s not what you think” Junsu followed him but his trousers were undone and fell to his ankles Jaejoong went back into Fa-Mae’s room. Yoochun appeared from the bathroom looking tired “hey” he shouted to Junsu “have you seen anyone else?” “nope” Yoochun went into the bedroom to wake Changmin and Yunho up “Yo! Get up” both Yunho and Changmin shot up out of bed not realising they were naked “eh ah whoa not what I wanted to see first thing” “eh ah give me a pillow” Yunho handed Changmin the pillow before covering himself “you two are an item now?” “well I think so” “me too it’s ok right?” “I don’t mind I already knew you two would get it on” Yoochun smiled as he left them alone.

“so shall we?” Jaejoong turned to Fa-Mae and smiled “shall we?” “go just run and leave everything behind us for a while?” Fa-Mae smiled then nodded before taking hold of his hand and ran with him until they found a quiet place to sit and enjoy each other. The memories they made became tales as they played lives around the world until Jaejoong made Fa-Mae his wife they settled down and became a tale but their tale became a legend and the legend became a love story.

Duet (fanfic)-COMPLETE-

Duet! Written by: Eun-mi Kim & Heajoong Kim.

There she was sitting alone again in the cold she is always there, waiting, I wanted to go to her but it would seem strange as we didn’t even know each other I wanted to know her name but instead me and my friends walked past her she seemed sad but nothing I could do about it I went alone this time but she wasn’t there I stood looking at my watch she was always there at this time I wondered about her then suddenly I saw her sitting holding onto a box wrapped with a bow she sat smiling then I saw it the thing that made her happy I guess I never knew what or who met with her I always left before I got to see.

That night I lay on my bed holding onto my pillow smiling as thoughts of her floated into my mind feelings overflowed my body I wanted to be the one who made her smile I wanted to be the one who she hugged I wanted to be her everything which was strange because I didn’t even know her name but to me knowing her smile was enough think me stupid dreaming over a nobody, right I kept telling myself I could have any girl in the world but for some reason I wanted her.

“hey Yunho quit daydreaming we have to practice” “ah right sorry” I stood looking at myself in the mirror Changmin beside me dancing I followed his lead as we practiced I knew having a girlfriend would be hard now that I’m in a band after all girls only wanted something to do with us because we are famous, thoughts drifted suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder “Hyung what are you thinking?” Changmin stood smiling “nothing important” “right so nothing to do with the girl we have to dance with?” “Huh no I have danced with girls before” “right on we rehearse then shall we?” “sure” I began to practice my moves as I looked into the mirror to check on my form, suddenly the door opened in walked a girl and our manager “boys this is your partner for the video please be nice she’s shy” he smiled as he pushed her into the room she stood looking at the floor as she held onto her bag tightly, “boss we are hungry” Changmin grumbled suddenly the girl looked up I jumped and fell to the floor onto my ass “ouch” “are you ok Yunho?” “yeah I just lost my balance” the girl sort of giggled as she reached into her bag and pulled out a box “uh I have food” she shyly replied holding out the box Changmin took hold of it and opened it he smiled as the smell filled the room it was sweet I fell in love with it, “what is it?” Changmin started to get to know her was I getting jealous? No can’t be, I stood to my feet and looked into the box “it’s my own recipe I call it Rose tout sweet” I looked at her “why the name?” “Because I cook the rice in rose water it’s very yummy” she smiled I love her smile it melts me I feel safe but why do I even feel this way about a nobody?

Changmin smiled as she gave him chopsticks to eat he tucked in pretty quick she handed me some too I was afraid at first but when I took the first bite I fell for her I knew something was stupid “what’s your name?” I asked with a stupid look on my face but she smiled and giggled “Nemo” “Nemo?” “Yeah nemo?” I looked why a name for someone so beautiful I couldn’t call her nemo I wanted to call her my baby I wanted to call her my girl. Ch2 “Uh aren’t we supposed to be practicing?” “ah right well first all you need to do is learn some basic steps” Changmin kept beating me to her I swear he knew I liked her but I bided my time I would get her alone at some point I sat and watched as they danced together I think I fell asleep because I dreamt it was me holding her by her waist as we danced twirling around the room as it went dark and became dimly lit by the stars in the sky, me holding tightly onto her so she never left, me gently caressing her soft cold skin as she smiled with every touch of my fingers, me kissing her neck as she trembled with my touch. Her taking hold of my hand as we held onto each other as we made love under the stars “oi Yunho you have to teach her now” I was woken suddenly by Changmin with a smile on his face I stood up and walked over to her “tch fine ok you do this then this then this and then finish with this ok?” she stood looking puzzled “uh ok well show me again because you lost me with the “then this” part” she mumbled why was I suddenly being mean to her it was like I wasn’t in control of myself “fine” I took hold of her and showed her the dance we twirled the parts she was doing with me in the video were romantic and I couldn’t wait but for some reason I was pushing her away when I really wanted to hold her so close to me I wanted to feel her body on mine but I was being stupid I guess.

That night before I went to sleep Changmin came to my room “what’s with you and nemo?” “nothing I just cant stand working with girls I never know if they are going to talk behind my back to their friends” I was being stupid now I didn’t get that feeling nemo was different somehow and I knew it I don’t know how I knew or why this was happening to me I just wanted it to all end “right ok but it will be ok I just know it besides she seems different like…” “Like?” “Like I’ve seen her before but I can’t put my finger on it” Changmin puzzled before screaming the words “ah ha! It’s that girl we always walk past that’s where I’ve seen her before she has a boyfriend so nothing to worry about eh Yunho?” he mumbled before leaving me to sleep, I began to have trouble sleeping she was there and so was he I wanted to reach out and punch him I mean if I couldn’t have her then no one should I’ve started to become possessive what was happening to me? I stood watching them become more in love why was my mind letting me dream this? Ah I tried to close my eyes in my dream but it wasn’t working suddenly I felt hands covering my eyes they were soft and delicate they were hers I knew because I had held them earlier her voice whispered to me “go to sleep you need to sleep” I looked I could see her as she spoke to him she was looking directly at me I swear it, it was like she wanted to be with me really “Yunho I need you” huh she needs me? I fell asleep with the stupid thought of her needing me in my head.

Ch3 In the morning we had a final practice before the video shoot again we ate her food it was comforting and I liked the rice she made again I got jealous of Changmin when her danced and looked at her and I think it showed on my face because she glared at me but something was changed her eyes weren’t so wide anymore her smile was faked it looked like she was in pain forcing it upon her lips I don’t know what is going on or if I was making the whole thing up just to try and save her but I knew I needed to talk to her alone somehow but how would I ask “hey nemo why the fake smile?” right stupid but I pulled out my cell phone and typed in her name I just got the feeling something was wrong and why would anyone be called nemo besides we are in South Korea we all had Korean names and nemo isn’t Korean ah here we are I read the passage “nemo the Latin word for nobody often used by people who feel like no other name can be used, the name is used by other people to call a person with no meaning in life the word nemo is used cruelly against people who have done things in life that others do not appreciate , nemo is the name of a fish in a movie finding nemo, nemo etc…” what why would she call herself nemo that seems cruel that cant be her real name “Yo Hyung snap out of it last rehearsal” Changmin mumbled as he sat down sweat dripping from his forehead I stood and took hold of her again repeating the steps a few times “I think I have it now you can let go” she mumbled I wanted to say the word no but I think it would have scared her so I let her go I watched as she bent to get her cell phone from her bag suddenly I saw something that made me sick a large bruise on her hip and rib it looked like her whole side was covered she quickly walked out of the room I followed and listened as she spoke on the phone “look I said I will be home later you said it was ok you know this is my job please stop acting like this what happened to you, I haven’t changed the only thing that has changed about me is my name that you made me change listen I have done everything you ask of me isn’t that enough?” her voice changed into a whimper I wanted to hurt the person who did this to her but I couldn’t “Yunho what are you doing?” “ah Changmin Hyung I was just going to get a drink I’m thirsty” “right get me one too” he smiled as he lay on the floor with his legs apart and his arms above his head he looked like he was ready for someone to jump on top of him, I left the room walking past her as she tried to hide her tears I pretended not to see them so I carried on walking,

“Yunho can I walk with you?” I stopped and turned to her and smiled “sure only if you promise me you will stop crying” she stood back “I wasn’t crying” she forced a smile on her lips “ok well come on then” I waited for her to catch up she walked a few spaces behind me I stopped and she walked into me “ouch” she held her side as she stood looking up at me “you ok?” “Yeah” we carried on walking as we got outside it was cold and she had forgotten her coat “aiish cold” she rubbed her shoulders trying to warm up I laughed and put my jacket around her “thanks” she smiled as we sat on a bench under a tree she looked at the floor then her phone rang “I said I will be home later, no you you’re the one being stupid, look I am 25 I can do what I want aiish I wonder why I ever got with you in the first place no it’s not too late to get out oh why what are you going to do to me like it isn’t enough you beat me when you want? I’m coming home later like I told you” she slammed the phone button with her thumb I couldn’t believe what I had just heard but I stayed out of it until she began to cry again “Yunho I am sorry you heard that” I sat next to her and smiled “it’s ok I didn’t hear anything if it makes you feel better” she smiled what the hell did I just say that for “your sweet” “really?” I stood up and began to do stupid stuff to make her laugh what the hell was I doing? She began to smile as I danced stupidly “Yunho stop” she mumbled trying to hold back a laugh but it spurted out suddenly the light was back in her eyes and she wasn’t faking the smile on her beautiful lips “Yunho didn’t Changmin want a drink?” “ah right I guess I will better get back to him” “yeah before he starts acting childish” she smiled as I began to walk she sat looking at her phone before leaving it on the floor and ran to catch up to me we both walked inside to get Changmin his drink.

Ch4 “what took you so long I went and got my own” he sat smiling as he took a sip from his bottle of water I stood next to nemo as she grabbed her bag “I better get back home” “ok you did good today” I smiled as she bowed and left Changmin sat smiling “looks like you have a thing for her” “no I don’t I just think she is a good dancer” I quickly denied having a Crush on her in fact I just wanted to shout to the world I love her but it seems silly loving someone without a name so I set out to find her name “are we done for tonight?” “yeah seems so” I grabbed my jacket and ran after nemo I followed her for a short while as she went into a café and sat in the far dimly lit corner a girl approached her so I sat near so I could hear “ah nemo do you have a shift tonight?” “yeah just on my break I will be here in a few minutes” the girl walked away and came back setting out a small glass with liquid in “thanks my favourite drink” “yeah Winter Rose I still don’t know how you came up with it but it’s yummy and sells very well” “it’s just a thing I do” Nemo smiled as she drank it all and went into the back room I sat looking at the menu before putting on my shades trying to hide “sir how can I be of service?” I looked up from the menu she was stood holding a silver tray and a notepad and pen she smiled it was Nemo but dressed different and looked different she was dressed in a long white dress a cream corset at her waist that started from under her bust and covered her hips the long dress trailed a little on the floor her hair tied elegantly as one side of her bangs fell from her eye she tucked it behind her ear as she stood smiling I looked at the menu for the café name “Moonlight Sonata” “sir?” “ah sorry I was just looking” “it’s ok I will leave for a few moments when you need service ring this bell and I will come to you” she handed me a small silver bell “what?” “each bell makes a different sound and this one summons me to your side sir” she bowed as I watched her make her way to the bar I read the menu and decided right away

I rang the bell and she came to me “sir?” “your name miss?” “sir my name is Winter Rose and I am all yours tonight how may I serve you?” I sat staring at her winter rose suited her perfectly her skin was as white as snow her lips rose red I wanted to smell to touch her she was to be my winter rose even if I have to hunt her I will make her mine “uh I would like the Winter rose” she smiled “very good choice sir anything else?” “hmm the rose tout sweet” I nodded suddenly she stood backwards and tripped on the other girl’s skirt I got up and caught her before she fell my arms automatically wrapped around her waist “ouch get off me” she yelped in pain so I let go of her and watched as she walked to get my order. Sitting at the table I wondered why someone would stay with another who treated them bad was it love or was she just really scared either way I wanted to take her.

“here your order sir I now have to sit with you” I looked at her she looked hateful at me “ok empty chair there” I smiled she shook her head “no I have to sit on your knee” I could feel she was uncomfortable as she stood looking at her feet so I nodded and slid out from under the table a little as she gently sat on my knee “enjoy your order” she mumbled as she sat and watched me drink and eat I could hear her heart beating fast I was nervous I just wanted to hurry and get out of there I didn’t want to make her feel more uncomfortable but it was her job to do this so I carried on “sir may we borrow your girl for a moment?” two guys stood holding a mask “sure” I watched as Nemo got off and followed the guys into the back room before coming back out without Nemo I watched scared something happened when suddenly the small stage was lit with a dim light then a girl came out holding a feather fan and began to dance provocatively for the men who were cheering and looking like dogs on heat I sat and watched as she dropped the fan and took hold of the microphone she began to sing “the rain falls like my tears once you held me in your arms and smiled that smile made me safe that smile became a lie just like your words of I love you once I longed for those words again from you even though I knew they’d be a lie but it was such a beautiful lie I would die for those words, rain keeps falling but you are no longer here just empty corridors of this once brightly lit home that we built together now I just feel like your prisoner, make me feel numb anything for your ghost to leave me alone, the thunder roars outside my window as I lay in our unmade empty bed the words you sang to me once kept me safe nothing now seems real now your gone I just pretend you still love me make me wonder does she even kiss you like I did does she even come to you like I did all I want to say to you is one thing just to ruin your stupid fantasy that all girls are your toys all girls are maidens waiting for you to take and ruin them I pity you, I pity you…” her words echoed her pain in her heart even though no one took notice of her cries I promised myself to heal her.


I waited outside the café “hey Nemo close up for me” “sure” I watched as she locked the door and pulled down the metal shutter but it was stuck “aiish why always me you give trouble why you never jam when anyone else locks up? Like I haven’t had enough of being messed around” she sniffled as she jumped to grab the bottom of the shutter I ran over to her “here let me help you” I leaned up and pulled it down “thanks I can take it from here” she smiled as she pulled it to the floor and locked it I smiled “you ok?” “of course thanks to you” she grabbed her bag but she didn’t see me she just walked but then stopped “Yunho?” she turned to me and glared “why you here?” “I wanted to ask you something” “go ahead” I stood scratching my head as she stood holding her side “are you alright?” “yeah just a little sore” “what happened?” “I fell” she smiled before walking away I followed to catch up to her “look don’t hide from me I just want to help” “with what I said I am fine” she mumbled holding her bag why was she being stubborn I just wanted to grab her and shake some sense into her. I carried on following her until she met with a guy “there you are where have you been?” “working” “I don’t want you working I want you at home in my bed where you belong” “look don’t start this again I’ve had enough for one day” “oh I’m sorry come on home and I will make you feel better” I watched as he grabbed her hand tightly the pain on her face was too much for me to see but I couldn’t do anything but for some reason my body acted by itself “hey Nemo you forgot this” I handed her a small card “ah right sorry for the bother of you bringing it to me” “it’s no bother” I smiled “and who is this?” “ah Yunho” “as if he the one from that stupid band you listen to?” “yes” I stood glaring as he tightened his grip on her “yes can we go home now?” I watched as she flinched with his touch the pain looked too much to bear “you stay away from her” “we work together that’s all” I mumbled before walking away I didn’t want to leave her with him but what could I do,

“I don’t want you working with him” “tough it’s my job what do you want me to do quit?” “if that is what it takes then yes” “idiot” “don’t you dare call me names” *slap* “ouch what was that for?” “for talking out of line you know better than to do that” “leave me alone” *crunch*

I sat on my bed worried for Nemo when my phone rang “hello?” “it’s Nemo uh are you busy?” “for you no I’m never busy” what the hell did I say that for? I asked myself when the sudden words exited my mouth stupid me “uh could you meet me I need your help” “what happened?” “I don’t want to bother you I just need you” she needs me what the? But I never had to think of it instead I asked where she want me to meet her and I ran there as fast as I could I found her sat under the tree I sat next to her she held a cloth to her eye “Yunho” she fell into my arm her tears fell all I wanted to do is kill someone for her just to make her happy I’d do anything for her “what’s wrong?” “I left him I need help” “left who your boyfriend?” “yeah well fiancé I don’t know why I ever stayed with him please help me?” I listened as her words hit me her tears fell onto my shirt soaking through to my skin I hated seeing and hearing her like this “ok I will take you somewhere you can be alone for awhile” I took her by the hand and wrapped my Coat around her as I snuggled her into me as we walked to my apartment.

“here you can stay here for as long as you want” I turned to leave when she grabbed onto my arm and looked up at me tears fell from her eyes “stay with me tonight?” she softly whispered through her tears I wanted to but I was afraid of doing something to hurt her but she insisted pulling me into the apartment and closing the door before walking into the moonlit sitting room there she stood for a few moments alone.


“Yunho I need you” she mumbled I stood holding onto the cloth she had on her eye there was blood on iT “Nemo are you ok?” “yes” she turned to me and smiled that’s when I saw her eye fully “did he hit you?” “no I fell” I looked at her as I clenched my fist “did HE hit you?” “no!” she kept repeating her words “Nemo!” she looked at me and ran into my arms “you are warm can I stay here close to you?” she softly spoke my heart skipped I love her and I would do anything for her I have never felt anything like this before “Nemo?” “please let me stay close to heart I feel safe with you Yunho” I began to feel my eyes swell with tears “don’t let me go?” she asked “never” I sniffled as I held her closer to me she began to feel warmer she had never felt warm even when I held her whilst we were dancing I softly trailed my hand to her side “ouch” she backed away “I’m sorry” “it’s ok” “let me help get those off” I spoke realising my words sounded sexy she just giggled “ok but be careful it hurts” she turned her back to me and pulled her hair high into a pony tail I began to untie the corset she sighed “feels better I can breath” “good” I let go of the corset the dress she was wearing looked amazing on her I unzipped the dress and let it drop to the floor leaving her in a vest and shorts that’s when I saw her injuries “let me see” “no” she moved away and jolted “let me” I grabbed her arm and pulled up her vest there I saw her side it was badly bruised I gently touched it “ouch” she cried “I’m sorry” “it’s ok” I went into the bathroom and turned on the cold water tap “Nemo lie on the bed for me” “huh?” “nothing sexual just trying to help” I smiled as she crawled on to the bed and lay nervously, I walked in holding a bowl of cold water and placed it onto the bedside table I took off my shirt and soaked it before placing it gently onto her side

“ouch” she began to cry “I’m sorry Nemo I don’t want to hurt you” “my name isn’t Nemo” “well what is it?” “it’s Snow” I looked at her looking helpless on my bed “Snow such a perfect name for you” “huh?” “I don’t know what I am saying sorry” I hid my face what the hell am I doing she smiled at me before taking hold of my hand “Yunho it’s ok I trust you that’s why I told you my real name” she smiled as she began to drift asleep, I began to cry for her if I let her go back to him would she even be here talking to me or would she be dead I don’t want her hurt again so I went into the sitting room to think “Yunho? Where are you?” I heard her crying I ran into the bedroom to find her holding her knees to her face and crying “you left me” “only for a moment you were asleep” “oh ok” she smiled before sitting closer to me “keep me close to your heart?” I looked at her, her eyes sparkling in the moonlight I wanted her by my side always so I sat on the bed next to her “Snow is staying close to my heart this I promise” I smiled the words felt perfect they felt the right thing to say to her I was just going to ask her to be my girl but this way was just perfect “Yunho I don’t want to sound stupid but I hurt” “you do?” “yes” I held her in my arms as we lay together on my bed I waited for her to fall asleep before falling asleep too.

Ch7 2am I was awoken to her crying again “Snow?” “nothing” I watched as she sat on the floor in front of the window “it’s raining” “really?” I went and sat next to her I put my arm around her shoulders “Yunho?” “yeah?” “can I stay close to you for a little while longer?” “sure come here” I took her in between my legs wrapping them around her keeping her close and safe this was the closest I’ve ever been to a girl I really love her I really would kill someone for her if only to see her smile again “Snow?” “yes?” “you make me feel strange” “I do? I’m sorry” she lowered her head “no” I giggled “it’s good” “how?” I took her hand and placed it on my heart to make her feel my heart beating fast “I do that to you?” she shyly asked hiding her face behind her hand “yes and I like it” she leaned closer to me and took hold of my hand and placed it on her chest “you make mine too is it ok for it to be like that?” she smiled “yes are you happy I make you feel that?” “I don’t know I mean I am a nobody you are the Yunho from tvxq is it allowed?” I looked at her I knew she wasn’t bothered by the fact I’m in a band otherwise she wouldn’t be like she is with me I shook my head and she jumped “I mean it it’s ok for you to feel like that for me” I smiled as I held her cheek she felt warmer like my feelings were healing her “I’m scared” “scared? Of what?” “of feeling love” “why?” “because I don’t want to be the only one who is in love I want to be loved in return always and I never want the person I love to fall out of love for me” I looked at her how could anyone fall out of love with her she is perfect in everyway well to me she is “Yunho?” “Snow I love you” I said but she didn’t hear or she pretended to not listen to me we sat watching the rain together it was the perfect moment for me.

Suddenly she turned to me and placed her hands onto my shoulders and smiled “you know something” “what?” “I just thought of wanting to do something to you” I panicked but why all of a sudden was she forcing herself onto me? “Snow you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do” she smiled as my words just pass her she lowered her hands to the top of my jeans but I did the right thing and moved away “no Snow” she sat glaring “but isn’t that what you want?” “not like this no!” I had to be firm she was acting strange it wasn’t like her at all, she stood up and sniffled “ok I was just well it’s ah nothing never mind I’m going to sleep” I watched as she crawled under the sheets and closed her eyes she looked like an angel.

I sat next to her I knew she was pretending to be asleep but i just let her,the next morning i woke to find her asleep under the window so I crept over and covered her with a blanket before getting breakfast ready today was the shoot for the MV Android she was the girl we were lusting for, “hey snow you feel any better?” “a little i cant wait for today” she giggled as she tucked into the breakfast i gave her.
i walked with her to the shoot before we had to part and get ready it was changmin and her turn to shoot i sat and watched as they held hands she looked at him as he sang before she let go a nd ran off the set her part was done the director called cut i waited nervously for my turn to shoot i badly wanted to hold her the director called for us but she was still changing and getting ready as she and the makeup artist ran to the set i stood staring her hair changed to platinum like snow had fallen onto her she stood next to me “nervous?” “no im with you” she smiled as i grabbed her hair “ouch” “its your hair?” “yes i have no idea how it happened i was just sitting there and when the woman came in she gasped and showed me my hair” “i like it, it suits you perfect snow” Buddha i wanted to just grab her and pish her against the wall and make out with her she made me feel like an animal “yunho you think i will be ok?” “huh?” i had no idea what she was asking but we had to shoot i had to kneel infront of her and sing as she smiled before taking my head into her hands and placing a kiss onto my forhead before she had to run and i had to chase after her and sing to her before we had to sit on a bench and hold hands as the moon came out she had to place her head on my shoulder before changmin and i had todo a dance scene.
after the vudeo changmin took us both to get food of course he ate more then us but snow could give him a run for his money to me this girl was the most perfect woman on the planet not only did she have manners honour loyalty strength she could challenge changmin to a food eating contest and win i will make the girl mine,
“there you are you are coming home” her ex boyfriend found her he grabbed her by the arm but she pulled it away “who do you think you are bitch” *slap* i wanted to do something but she shook her head at me i knew she was upto something but i love her so i did as she asked suddenly she clenched her hand into a fist and took a step back “you need to leave right now i am no longer your property i am yunho’s property only he gets to touch me” her words what was she saying “no i own you” *slap* snpw stood as he hit her but suddenly lunged forward pushing him over a table and onto his back before she stood over him “you do not get to touch me ever leave before i do something terrible” snow grabbed him by his shirt and threw him away from her how she picked him up i have no idea.
she sat on my knee and hid her eyes in my clothes “shh you will be ok” i whispered as she tightened her grip, we all finished our food and went back to the apartment.

that night she lay on my lap her snores were like sweet soft noises i stayed awake listening to them, suddenly she woke and took hold of my hand her eyes sleepy she smiled as she pulled my hand onto her chest “do you feel that you make me feel happier, yunho you make me feel complete i thank you” she mumbled before smiling and falling back asleep strangly i felt my eyes well with tears snow made me happy too i think i love her so i decided to show her how fun life can be.
the morning arrived i watched her as she dressed she borrowed a shirt of mine it looked perfect on her “we ready?” i asked as she turned and nodded,i went into the frint roomgrabbing my jacket and wallet and waited for snow “yunho-sii where are you taking me?” “you can drop the formality no call me yunho-sii” “um alright” i took her to the theme park “we are here” “the lights are bright” i watched as she stared at the lights with a smile “like the stars” i have no idea why i said that i sounded stupid “so what you want to go on?” “nothing could we just walk for a while?” “sure we do what ever you want”
i began to walk slowly waiting for snow to catch up when suddenly i felt her warm hand slide into mine “um yunho can i have some cotton candy?” she whispered as she hid behind her hand “sure” i went to the stand and bought a stick of cotton candy before retunring to snow “here you go” i went to hand it to her but she shook her head “can we both hold and eat it?” “uh ok” we both held onto the stick as we took tiny tuffs of the candy we sat and finished the rest “oh uh yunho can we go on that?” she pointed to a haunted house “um sure come on” we both ran to the house and went inside it was decorated like a mental institute which was kinda scary but we made our way through things jumping out at us then the lights went out we were in the dark as a creepy voice echoed our doom snow grabbed tightly onto my waist “are you ok snow?” “no i want to leave” “ok come on just keep holding onto me ok?” i walked like a penguin as we made our way oit the exit thats where i saw her face “you werent scared?” “nope im a man” i laughed as she glared at me then she looked into the distance “i know this place now”….

“come with me i wanna see if its still here” she grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the park and up a hill to where a single tree with a bench stood “whats going on?” “wait one moment i have to see if its still here” suddenly she looked around the tree then gasped “its still here” she sniffled as she pulled a part of the tree which looked like a door inside was a box she pulled it out then sat on the bench “this is where i came when i was a kid i put everything i found was cute and special in here” she handed me the box inside were hair clips,rocks and coins “wow” i smiled as i handed her the box she put it back before placing her head on my shoulder “this is my hiding place i came when i needed to clear my head only the theme park wasnt here i used to sit and stare at the lights of the city” it began to get dark and the lights began to grow brighter as we sat there “snow how about you i dunno lets say…” i stood up and knelt infront of her and took her hand “marry me?” she looked at me and then looked at the tree before nodding “yes i will i want to spend the rest of my life with you” “good because i wasnt planning on letting you say no” i smiled as i placed the silver scrolled ring onto her finger and another silver matching ring onto my necklace “yunho can we sit here for some time?” “of course” we sat for hoirs staring at the sky at the stars i liked it, it was the first time i had ever taken the time to do this.
we made it a regular thing when each of us found something unique to us we went to the tree and placed it into the box six months later we married holding a ceremony in a castle, then news came to my sweet snow they were planning to tear out the tree “yunho we cant let them” “i know we wont” a month passed i had bought the land that the tree sat on so nobody could touch it which made snow happy i loved seeing her smile and i loved when she rested at the tree but then i had to leave for a tour “i will be back in three months i will call and video call every night so please dont be sad ok?” “ok good luck i love you” “i loves you more” that night i had to leave her at three am to get to the airport,…a few days later i called snow “hey how are you holding up?” “i got a cold but im ok” “aww well keep warm and sleep ok” “okies so hows the tour going?” “ok but im fed up already i miss you” “aww dont worry im going to sleep now goodnight” “nite honey bunny” i hung up and sat worrying snow had a cold and i wasnt there to help her i am a terrible husband but i had a job..i kept calling her when i had spare or extra break time,but then she started to miss calls but i didnt worry so much she was supposed to be sleeping and she did answer a few times to assure me a month and a half had past i wanted to go home she had stopped answering my calls altogether and i was really worried but i had to sing in a live..a few songs in we had to change into new costume suddenly everyone was quiet except for the music on the stage everyone i walked past went quiet something was wrong i could feel it..

thats when changmin stood infront of me then put his hand on my shoulder then shook his head “whats going on hyung?” “snow is..snow is dead hyung come here” changmin pulled me into his arms as i stood stiff snow gone how when wait is this a joke it has to be “how when but she cant no i wont let her” “hyung she died in her sleep the cold turned into something worse and she knew thats why she sent this here go watch it i will make an anouncement im so sorry hyung” i watched as changmin stood holding onto his mic before i turned and shook my head “hey play this now on big screen” i handed the stagehand the cd before returning to the stage changmin took hold of my hand and everyone screamed “hyung why arent you watching her message?” “i want everyone to know her and to know that is the woman who will always have my heart” the screen flickered and there she was even looking sick she was still beautiful changmin spoke telling everyone who she was as i stared at the screen holding onto the mic tightly as she smiled and spoke of the times i had shown her and of the tree we soent hours at finally the words “saranghamnida yunho-shi always gomawo for rescuing me i hope i made impact in your life as i intended, now im sitting her telling you i love you the last time from these lips seems beyond painful even i know how you are feeling as you are listening to my words it pains me but i must do this because i love you and you love me so remember me alright otherwise i will haunt you hehe but im sleepy now yunho sleep with me one last time guide me into my dreams one final time saranghamnida yunho” she lay in my bed and had the camera near her face like i was lay next to her i watched helplessly as she drifted but she smiled that smile was like nothing was wrong so i smiled back the screen faded i couldnt see her anymore i wanted snow back but i knew it was inpossible i turned to the fans they were all crying i suddenly felt my body lose its strength and i fell to the floor tears falling i sat holding my head in my hands “her name was snow no her name is snow and no one will ever take my heart from her i guarantee that we were married no we are married and even in death we remain as such she is the best person i have ever known and her memory will remain alive and anyone who dares to destroy anything of hers will pay a huge price if anyone has anything bad to say keep it to yourself all you have to know is i love her nothing more will you get out of me i want to keep her to myself” i spoke and walked off the stage..

seven months past “phew finally i can go home” “yeah and attend to your wife hyung” “yep cant wait to finally get to talk to her even though its only a picture and a grave” “true hey mind if i talk to her too?” “if you want i mean we are a family” we both climbed into the car as we were drove to our home changmin and i shared but he had his own room at the other end of the apartment so i had my own place really i couldnt wait until i got there “ah home yes sleep woohoo” changmin bounded out of the car and grabbed his bag before i dreadingly climbed out and grabbed my bag before stepping onto the doorstep “hey hyung i can hear a noise” “huh that sounds like a…” “like a baby?!” i ran into the apartment and into mine and snows room there sat my omma and my sister feeding a baby a newborn “omma?” “ah son meet your son” “huh?” my sister stood up and handed him to me i took him quickly without fear and looked at him thats when i saw i saw snow wait it cant be mine we only had sex once two weeks before the tour “yunho omma and i came to visit snow and thats when we found her we called the ambulance they took her to hospital and told us she was with baby omma wanted to know if the baby was alive and he was miraculously so we asked for him to be removed and we kept him until you came home” “huh but she didnt” “tell you she was pregnant no but she did tell me” changmin walked in smiling as he handed me a piece of paper “does he have a name?” “we havent named him snow already named him” “huh?” “we will leave you alone get something to east” they left me holding onto my son somehow i knew what tp name him before i read the paper “wang ja you have to name him wang ja” i knew why she wanted to name him wang ja because wang ja meant prince but first i went to her grave..
“snow forgive me but i want to name him dal wang ja what you think i know you cant hit me for my stupidity but i want to add a part too so what do you say?” i sat and waited even though i knew she couldnt answer me but then it was strange a drop of water fell down her grave stone it felt like a hand was on my shoulder thats when i knew “alright son from this moment you will be named dal wang ja,dal wang ja meet your omma, snow meet our beautiful son” i placed him near the grave and he cooed like he already knew his omma i couldnt help but cry i miss snow but at least i have a reminder of her he looks alot like her except he has my mouth well im going now going to raise our son to be strong like his omma like my snow..paii paii ‘kay