*NEW FIC* Aniyo Sarang.

aniyo sarang.
“i wont cry, I wont cry I wont cry this time” “whats up this time?” kaori woke up to see yoochun sat next to her “aiish bad dream again” she mumbled scratching her head “ah well at least its only a dream” “easy for you to say youve never been like me” “like you?” “forget it anyway im hungry” “we will be there soon” “soons not close” “wow you and changmin are alike in so many ways” “idiot” changmin just woke up and slapped yoochun on the back of his head “i am really not like her besides she seems a little off and im just perfect” kaori looked at changmin and thought to herself “does he know her past?” “hey hyung that was mean” “chun its alright ive heard worse” “exactly thats why I hate when friends say stuff like that” “hey chun could I get out and walj from here I know where im going so its ok right?” “sure but take a jacket” “its ok hyung ill go with her I need to stretch my legs anyway” “sure you do” “fuck you changmin you ass” yoochun pulled over to a stop after kaori shouted and let her out followed by jaejoong “you guys gonna be alright?” “yes I am grown up” “ok see you two at the cabin” kaori and jaejoong watched as yoochun and the others drove leaving them behind ,
jaejoong began to walk kaori stood to the spot “you comming?” “in a moment I just need to be alone for a second” kaori smiled looking at the floor as jaejoong began to walk but then stopped “i know some times everything can get annoying but just dont give up” “how can you say that ive survived more than anyone ” “look I have no idea about your past but I know that you donot forgive so easily and what changmin said was wrong allow me to say sorry for him and follow me I wanna show you something I think you will love” “jaejoong? ” “just follow or I drag you your choice” “uh I follow” “good choice” kaori followed jaejoong until they reached a forest “uh nope” “haha im not gonna murder you come on trust me” “fine but any funny business and ill kick your ass” “deal” eventually jaejoong led her into the forest and to a small lake which was lit with tiny bugs that looked like stars had fallen from the sky “see this is what I wanted to show you I used to live around here I used to come here when I needed to think so go ahead tell the water how you feel you will feel lots better and the best thing is that the water will listen intently will not interupt and will not judge trust me I do it ill leave and wait for you just get everything out and feel better” jaejoong left kaori alone by the lake but secretly hid behind a tree, kaori looked around to see if she was alone.

“ok this is stupid but I guess jae is right ok here goes lets see if you dont kill yourself after listening to me like he did after I told him huh well my father was a alcholic a drug addict a woman beating child interfering asshole,i am the by product of a rape I learned as a baby to be quiet or I had to watch my mother suffer him beating her infront of my crib, I grew up a little and suffered the same beatings, then day by day our neighbors took turns in abusing me I got raped at the age of eight by the neighbors son the police called me a liar,the school kids beat me made fun of me,then high school came and my fate was the same, beatings name calling you name it I got it ive been raped twelve times had one relationship but he killed himself infront of me,lost my mother at the hands of my father and me I stabbed him told the police he attacked me as I was cooking but they didnt belive me but one officer asked me what really happed so I told him the truth my father went to rape me so in defence I grabbed the knife and stabbed him before cutting his penis off I told the officer everything that he had done and told them that I wanted to make sure no one could suffer the same they let me go and now here I am surviving but lately im feeling weak ive become closer to someone but im not sure im allowed to um he has a girlfriend but she doesnt deserve him she treats him like an idiot but he goes to her anyway I want to love him like hes supposed to but how cani tell him if shes always there I want ja….” but before she could complete her sentance her phone rang “hello?” “hey where are you guys?” “oh I decided to walk slow my legs were tired we are on our way” kaori ran towards the exit where she met with jaejoong “you feel better?” “yes” kaori and jaejoong began to walk to the cabin.

“you think jaejoong will be happy im here?” “yeah hide hes here” jaejoongs girlfriend hid behind the sofa as kaori and jaejoong walk in “surprise jaejae” “what why are you here?” “thats a funny thing to say to your bunnywunny” kaori watched as she kissed jaejoong “ah so this is the famous bunnywunny nice to finally meet you im kaori” “yeah im emily nice to meet you kaori-shi” kaori bowed her head “ouch my leg hurts” “see told you not to walk the rest of the way come on ill carry you to your room oh and guys you all have your own room except for jaejoong” yunho carried kaori to her room hers was next to jaejoongs “great thanks” “no problem here you lie here and ill massage your legs for awhile” “its ok yunho im ok I think ill get some sleep” “alright but im cooking later so youll come down?” “certainly” yunho left closing the door kaori went to sleep.
“guys I think something is up with kaori” yoochun suddenly jumped up after hearing yunho’s words “what you mean something is wrong?” “dunno just that when we passed jaejoongs room she looked tired all of a sudden now shes sleeping” yoochun looked at jaejoong “what did you do to her?” “nothing we just walked here then she went upstairs why think I did anything?” “tch fine I guess I will go ask her” “later junsu shes sleeping” “hmm maybe she needs some girl time seeing as shes surrounded by men all the time” “maybe ok give it a shot when she wakes up” “thanks emily” “no problem jaejae” emily smiled before going to hers and jaejoongs room.

Jaejoong slumped into the armchair messing weith his phone “aiish no signal” “duh because we are in the middle of nowhere” “not true I have a signal see” yoochun held out his phone “me too” “and me” “alright I get my phone is poop” “do you need to make a call or something?” “yeah can I borrow for a second?” “sure here” junsu handed him his phone as jaejoong went outside before staring at the sky and sighing “oh this is the right thing to do right?” “huh whats the right thing to do?” “ah changmin uh nothing just nevermind hey why did you guys invite emily here?” “uh because shes your girlfriend” “yeah but the only reason I saiud yes to this trip is because she wasnt going to be here” “girl troubles jaejoong?” “aiish yunho hyungs stop sneaking up on me my heart cant take much more” jaejoong laughed “whoa was that a laugh?” “hyung?” “sorry just never seen you laugh so freely before” “yes not since you were single” “aiish thats just it I mean emily is great and all well great when we are in public but different when we are alone shes like possesed and well the sex is great when shes like that but shes just plain evil I thought it was a phase but now I think her nice side is an act” “then why not end the relationship?” “you dont think ive tried I tried once and she just followed me everywhere left messages at my apartment she even told me shed kill herself and I dont know about you but I definately do not want that on my concience” “aiish that does sound bad uh have you tried to talk to her?” “yeah aiish I dont know what to do because im stuck” “stuck indeed” “changmin hyung why talk like that?” “its me” “uh anyway can I tell you guys something?” “sure” “uh well ive kinda found someone else I want to be with but I think she hates my girlfriend” “let me guess this other girl is?” “uh well” “it doesnt matter anyway this other girl is too scared and too scarred to love properly or to accept love” “well if this other girl is making you feel better then your girlfriend then the obstacles that are stacked against her wouldnt matter to you if she means as much as you said then youd want to get rid of those obstacles” “i guess I just dont think I have the power too” “youll never know until you try” changmin spoke wise words before leaving jaejoong alone, jaejoong looked at junsu’s phone before opening the message app and inputted a number “i want to be the one to fix you kaori,i know who you really are,from jaejoong” he sent before going back inside and handed the phone back to junsu “you look pale” “im alright just a little cold im going for a nap”

Jaejoong sat on the bed as emily massaged his shoulders “you seem tense baby” “im ok just thinking about something” “it better be about me” “yeah always” “good hmm jaejae I want to marry you when are you going to ask me?” “when I am ready to” “but weve been together for two years it must have been the right time now” “not yet” “but” “NO buts I will ask if I want to” “what are you saying?” “stop being this way I mean you are the nicest girl when we are around people but the devil when we are alone” “im always nice to you jaejae” “stop acting” “im not I love you jaejae why are you acting like this” jaejoong shoved emily off him “ah jaejae why?” “stop it your making me insane woman” jaejoong stood to his feet before going to the mirror emily began to cry “you are angry?” “yeah” “why?” “because you keep me prisoner” “but I love you” “really werll why treat me the way you do?” Emily looked at him before wiping her tears away and smiling like the devil before pulling jaejoong over to the bed and began to tear off his clothes “is this what you want?” “no get off me” “no you belong to me I get to do what I want to you” emily smiled before placing a kiss on his lips “i said get off me” jaejoong mumbled as he tightened his grip on the sheets emily took out her nail file and began to trace hearts onto his chest with it “this feels good right?” “no” “right it feels good rtight jaejae?” “i said no” “and I said it does” emily pushed it into his flesh as jaejoong yelled, kaori woke to the screams “junsu why are you in my room?” “checking if you were ok” “well I was until their love making woke me up” “yeah sounds a little rough” “yeah a little too rough uh I think we should check on jaejoong” “nah he is grown how ever he wants his sex he will have it that way” “but what if something is wrong” “dont worry uh hows your legs?” “they are fine” kaori was worried why werent anyone else worried “so you comming for food?” “in a second lemme just freshen up and ill meet you down there” junsu smiled before closing the door “hurry changmin might eat it all”, kaori pressed her ear against the wall to listen “hmm maybe junsu was right”.

Kaori sat with the others as they ate waiting for jaejoong and emily “hey finally the lovers have decided to grace us with their presence” “changmin shut up” “hyung you look haggard” “i guess thats what sex does to you” kaori smiled before placing her plate down “im going for a walk guys” “but you havent eaten anything?” “im suddenly not very hungry” “alright” “dont go too far” “no problem” kaori took a peice of bread from the basket and grabbed her coat “hey kaori how about I come with uh turn it into a girly thing?” Kaori looked at jaejoong “alright anything to not hang with the guys for awhile” “true” kaori thought that this could be the perfect time to check emily out, “hey kaori be careful” “always” “what about me jaejae?” “yeah you too”.
Emily and kaori went for a walk. “so how did you come to know jaejoong?” “we met at dance school he was practicing and I walked in the room by accident” “sounds cute” “it was love at first sight for me” “really?” “yeah how about you how did you get involved with those lot?” “through yoochun I lived with yoochun since a kid so they are like family to me” “so you wouldnt be able to live without them?” “yeah kind of like that” “kaori decided to play a trick “though its a good thing we are all not blood related” “why?” “because I used to date jaejoong” “what when how why and why you break up?” “he decided to be strange with me” “yoo too” “huh?” “hes been hurting me when weve been alone see” emily pulledher sleeves up to show scratch marks but kaori knew what those were straight away “oh my god are you alright? Has he done anything else to you I mean he used to put his artms around my throat and scratch my inner thigh and leave huge scratch marks on my neck and back” “really?” “yeah but im happy I got out I suggest you do the same before something bad happens” “he wont hurt me no more” “you never know” “stop saying that” “im just saying the truth” “no your lying you want him to yourself again” “no I dont” emily picked up a branch *crunch* hit kaori over her head sending her to the floor in a pool of blood emily ran back to the cabin “guys kaori went evil she left me alone in the forest did she come back here?” “no” “we better go look for her” jaejoong stood “no way kaori wouldnt have done anything like that stop lying”  “jaejae what are you saying?” “im saying you must have done something” emily sniffled before running to her room “aiish jaejoong that was pretty harsh hadnt you better go check on your girl?” “no im going to look for kaori emily can wait this time guys I have a bad feeling”.

The guys left the cabin in search of kaori “look its midnight its been hours and its too dark we should go back and begin again tomorrow ” “no im not giving up on her” “jaejoong hyung your looking sick you need to rest lets go back we can look early in the morning ok?” “fine but im getting up as soon as its light” “we all will” yoochun walked slowly back to the cabin before falling to his knees “hyung?” “i promised” “promised what?” “i promised kaori that she wouldnt get hurt again and now shes gone lost probably hurt and I cant evern save her” “maybe its not you who is meant to save her this time?” “what junsu shut up” “no look ” junsu opened the sent message folder and scrolled down to the one jaejoong sent kaori “you asshole jaejoong who said you could even look at kaori?” “its not up to you yoochun” “it is when shes my family” “but she isnt family shes just some random girl who you decided to look after to make yourself feel better” “not true I made it my duty to protect her because of everything shes gone through” “stop being stupid” “im not non of you know about her all, you see is how sexy she got or how big her boobs are non of you even care about her like I do” “so then if you care that much for her why didnt you marry her or date her?” “because she isnt capable of feeling love or anything” jaejoong stood up “you are an ass shes killing herself in apathy and all you lot are doing is yelling at yoochun but he is the only one who is right” “huh?” “yoochun I overheard her I know what sdhes been through I know who she is allow me to be the one who saves her allow me to be the one who teaches her” “if you can break through her barriers then I will allow it but if you ever hurt her or make her sad fir even a second know that I will kill you” “thats fair uh but we should get some sleep”

“ouch daughter of a whore im going to kill her” kaori woke up and felt her head “slut what the hell im really going to get that psycho” she tried to stand but was to dizzy so she sat for a while “better sort my head out” she tore the strap from her tank top and placed a leaf on the gash before securing it with the strap before slowly standing to her feet “uh which way?” Kaori looked around before deciding to walk,a few hours passed before she came across the cabin inside she crept straight into the kitchen looking for food “kaori?” “who?” “its me” “me who im sorry I didnt know anyone was going to be here” “kaori whats wrong?” “i dont know you” “huh” “guys get your butts to the kitchen I think somethings wrong” kaori laughed as junsu glared “what?” “i totally got you wow you are so easy junnie” “thats, thats not funny at all kaori” “it was for me” “stfu” “watch your mouth little one” the guys rushed into the kitchen followed lastly by jaejoong and emily “hey im back” kaori smiled before looking at emily “now you I think have something to say to me” “no I dont it was you who was mean to me” “really?” “yeah” “ok” kaori smiled before grabbing jaejoong’s hand and pulled him closer which he was all to happy following as kaori smiled at him “what are you doing with my boyfriend” “what he actually wants you psycho” “dont call me that” kaori blinked before taking jaejoongs lips upon hers as he kissed her hard infront of everyone emily grabbed a knife and lunged towards jaejoong “if I cant have him no one is” kaori stepped infront of jaejoong as the knife slowly went into her just below her ribs emily stood back and laughed as kaori looked at the knife then at emily “oh come on if you wanted to kill me you should have aimed higher sheesh now I can show you but im not gonna cos im not like you instead imma gonna do this” kaori punched emily knocking her out “could someone take out the trash um whilst I go sort this thing out its becoming quite a pain” she smiled before blacking out jaejoong caught her.

jaejoong took her to her room and lay her on the bed before tearing her clothes off to her shorts “jaejoongie?” “just stay still I will get some help” “no please I want you to help me” “uh how you have a knife in you” kaori laughed as blood spilled from her lips “stop moving ill go get a towel” “thanks uh I need needle and thread, some water,bandage and a drink please” “why?” “cos im going to get it out but I will need your hands” “ill gladly give you my hands” “not the time mr horny” “sorry ill get the stuff I think changmin has the needle and thread hes such a woman” jaejoong opened the door to find the guys standing with the items kaori asked for “im not a woman by the way” “you are too” changmin mumbled as he gave jaejoong the thread and needle “thanks” “help her” “i am”, jaejoong closed the door and locked it before filling the bowl with warm water and sat next to kaori “ok what do you need me to do?” “i need you to hep me to my feet” “then I need you to thread the needle and keep hold of it until I need it and get ready with the towel oh and sorry if I get blood on you” “its ok” “ready?” “yeah” kaori smiled “i need you to hold my hips still as I pull out the knife” “ooh ill hold your hips for as long as you want” “jae?” “sorry ok im going to be serious” jaejoong stared at her as she smiled “alright” kaori took hold of the knife handle and pulled it gently and slowly “i cant its been too long” “uh what?” “gimme a sec” kaori took a deep breath before closing her eyes and quickly pulled out the knife “ok hand me the thread” “and the towel wipe away the blood” jaejoong cleaned the blood but it kep bleeding “ok justut pressure on it for a few moments” “i need to slow my heart so it stops pumping but I need you to stitch the wound quickly” “i cant sew” “learn quickly” “kaori I cant” jaejoong panicked as he shouted for changmin “the door is locked” “kick it down” kaori blacked out again as shetried to stay awake and slow her heart beat.

“shes still breathing luckily” “yeah oh hey could you clean this up” “and get some food for when she wakes””bossy much” “i wanna make her better” “bet you do” “not like that idiot” kaori opened her eyes a little “shes awake “hey sleepy” “what happened?” “you passed out and changmin got his woman on,junsu has been cooking,yunho has been cleaning,yoochun has been biting his fingers and I have been by your side cleaning you up” “i did not get my woman on” changmin gklared as kaori giggled “kamhamshida changminnie” “no problem kaori-shi just get better” “ill try” kaori closed her eyes for a second to wake to just jaejoong sleeping next to her she smiled as she gently trailed her fingers down his cheek jaejoong woke up and smiled “you ok?” “uh yeah I was just” “its ok” “i was just checking” “checking?” “checking to see if I could you know uh feel stuff” “you mean if you were capable of caring?” “yeah” “and?” “and I dont know I mean I know I feel like im uh nevermind” kaori blushed as she looked at the ceiling jaejoong gently grabbed her chin and turned her head towards his and placed a kiss on her cold lips “yummy bloody” “ah mianhamnida” “its ok this is our first perfect personal kissi like it” “uh” “say you want me and youll be free of all the pain and hurt youve been holding onto” “jaejoong?” “i want to share my life with you” “i cant” “but you cant grasp onto it for the rest of your life you will die ugly but you are beautiful” “i dont want you to get ruined by the pain like I have” “kaori I will happily hurt if you hurt even if it makes your hurt fade a little I already know your past dont hide from me” “how you find out did yoochun blab” “no I listened to you” “but I was alone” jaejoong began to cry “kaori say you want me we can make your ugly shy away and your beauty shine like it should youve survived everything that would have killed even the mightiest of gods but your still here fighting,but I want to fight with you,kaori allow me to share your battlefield with you, you cannot keep fighting alone” kaori closed her eyes and took a deep breath before letting go kaori sat up and leant on jaejoong’s chest and kissed him before placing her lips to his ear “i want you” “thank you” “dont let me down” “never now lay back down and be careful of your wound” “sure” jaejoong helped kaori back down as he lay closer to her and fell asleep with her hand in hers, kaori smiled as she turned her head and rested it on jaejoong’s.

The morning woke them both it was finally time to eat so yunho brought their food up “ah your awake how are you two lovers feeling?” “sore” “happy” “well kaori you will be sore and jaejoong has finally shed his ice armor ” “yeah kaori helped get it off” “funny”kaori giggled as she knew what jaejoong really meant “alright ill leave you two alone just send prince creepy down with the dishes” “alright thanks yunho” “enjoy”, The two lovers decided to spend the rest of the day in bed together,”should we at least grace the others with our presence?” “yep before they think we are up to something” “hehe yeah ill help you walk”
A week later they went back to the city, it was kaori’s birthday so jaejoong decided to throw her a party where he asked her to date officially which made everyone smile and his fans hate.