The Huntress In Amethyst CH’s1&2

The Huntress in amethyst.

“hurry, come on we cannot be caught” “for the love of why do we not just stop to fight them?” “because they are stronger than us” “well im tired of running away every time they decide to attack our home we should all fight to save it not run away and keep letting our enemy win its shameful” Athena stopped and readied her weapon as the wolves approached with speed,
“I am not afraid and I am not weak I shall stop you for once and for all” Athena pulled out her bow and readied an arrow before shooting it with power right into the leaders forehead suddenly there sounded a high pitched growl “how dare you little child” “little child? How dare a grown man attacking a child” Athena stood steady waiting for the consequence of stopping and fighting and hurting the pack leader.

The leader changed form back into human before grabbing Athena by her neck and staring at her “hah how can such a weak little child spill my blood?” “I am not weak I am stronger than any of you” “hah look at her pretty but foolish lets see how she fares against the pack shall we?” he laughed as he threw her onto the ground she watched as the wolves surrounded her, “Athena? Athena where are you?” her father turned to find her gone from following him “oh for I really wish she hadn’t taken her mothers strength” he ran back tracing her scent as he panicked “ah here is her loving father” the leader grabbed hold of him and pushed him towards the circle “you shall watch as your little girl fights for her life as we tear her apart limb from limb her father struggle out of his grip, “please Lucian you do not have to do this” “ah but you see I do have to do this as you see we are different I am a wolf and you my fine friend are a hunter it’s the way things work and now you are going to watch your pretty little daughter grasp at her last breath before grasping your own” “Lucian you were one of us do you not remember” “don’t dare try your dirty tricks on me they didn’t work before and they will not work now I left the hunt I am powerful now and there is nothing you stupid little hunters can do anymore we will rule like it should have always been now begin I want a show people”

Athena’s father watched as she fought off each wolf one by one before her bow snapped “hah now she’s defenceless how quaint I see mace that you still teach those ancient ways” “tried and tested but you know she isn’t just any child she was born from the woman you loved long ago do you remember her name do you remember her” Lucian looked at mace “it cannot be so you had a child with amethyst so what” “Lucian Athena is the last of her its all I have left of her please do not destroy that” mace knelt in front of Lucian “ah look how the hunter begs me for her life she is truly weak after all being made by such a fool” Lucian drew his sword and sliced mace’s head off before throwing it at Athena’s feet
“Father?” Athena picked up her father’s head as tears fell “aww is the little girl crying what a shame I’m done finish her off I am bored” Athena fell to the floor grasping for her breath as a silver sword pierced her shoulder and sliced her neck there she lay tears falling as her final breath left her.

“Omma what is that?” “Yunho don’t touch” a woman and her son were out looking for wood *gasp* “oh what is this?” Yunho poked Athena’s body with a stick “stop that you should treat the dead with respect” “Omma she isn’t dead” “there is no pulse or heartbeat” Yunho placed his hand on Athena’s chest and sighed “nope definitely not dead” Athena let a loud gasp “told you Omma” “ok well run back to the village and get doctor lee “ok” Yunho ran back and alerted the doctor who followed him to Athena “oh my poor sweet girl what happened to you?” “they got me and they killed my father” “why my dear?” “wolves” “wolves with swords?” “yes sir” “alright I think you must have dreamt when you were out come we will heal you” “no need” with those words Athena passed out.

Athena woke to whispers “this girl is strange” “indeed she brings trouble to our village” “but she is just a child” “no matter” “what if she hears us?” “she’s out” “Omma why do they talk bad of her?” “because of the bad omen they say she will bring death to us all” Yunho looked at Athena who pretended to sleep but he smiled he saw her “ok omma I will wait with her until you come home ok” “ok but if she wakes keep her here” “ok”.
Yunho waved as his mother went with others to the field to gather the food, “psst you can wake up now” “who are you?” “me my name is Yunho nice to meet you” “why do you not want me to leave like the rest?” “why you havent done anything” “but I’m not like you” “I know and I am not like the others” Athena looked at him “I have to get out of here” “too bad” “I cant stay here” “ only until the others get back then you can leave” Yunho handed Athena some clothing “here put these on you cant walk around with those hurry and I will show you the village” he left leaving a small gap in the door, Athena quickly changed and looked through the gap “so we saw the thing being brought into your house” “so?” “so shes a demon shes ugly shes bad” “shes going to eat you and your mother” “my omma and I can look after ourselves and her name is Athena she isnt bad I can see that why do you all pick on me” “aww is little Yunho going to go crying to his mommy” “no I can fight my own battles besides I am not scared of you” “we will see about that” and with those words the group of boys push Yunho over, “ouch idiots they will pay eventually I just feel it” Athena stepped out “you ok?” “yes they always beat on me its ok though I’m stronger” “I guess so the tour?” Athena smiled as Yunho dusted himself off ,Athena looked at him before getting excited “Athena you ok?” “I have to leave right now” “you cant” “I have to..before I I got to go” Athena ran into the forest.

“what on earth?” she shook her head as she ran.
It turned into night Athena slept in a hollowed out tree trunk waiting for the morning.