Duet (fanfic)-COMPLETE-

Duet! Written by: Eun-mi Kim & Heajoong Kim.

There she was sitting alone again in the cold she is always there, waiting, I wanted to go to her but it would seem strange as we didn’t even know each other I wanted to know her name but instead me and my friends walked past her she seemed sad but nothing I could do about it I went alone this time but she wasn’t there I stood looking at my watch she was always there at this time I wondered about her then suddenly I saw her sitting holding onto a box wrapped with a bow she sat smiling then I saw it the thing that made her happy I guess I never knew what or who met with her I always left before I got to see.

That night I lay on my bed holding onto my pillow smiling as thoughts of her floated into my mind feelings overflowed my body I wanted to be the one who made her smile I wanted to be the one who she hugged I wanted to be her everything which was strange because I didn’t even know her name but to me knowing her smile was enough think me stupid dreaming over a nobody, right I kept telling myself I could have any girl in the world but for some reason I wanted her.

“hey Yunho quit daydreaming we have to practice” “ah right sorry” I stood looking at myself in the mirror Changmin beside me dancing I followed his lead as we practiced I knew having a girlfriend would be hard now that I’m in a band after all girls only wanted something to do with us because we are famous, thoughts drifted suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder “Hyung what are you thinking?” Changmin stood smiling “nothing important” “right so nothing to do with the girl we have to dance with?” “Huh no I have danced with girls before” “right on we rehearse then shall we?” “sure” I began to practice my moves as I looked into the mirror to check on my form, suddenly the door opened in walked a girl and our manager “boys this is your partner for the video please be nice she’s shy” he smiled as he pushed her into the room she stood looking at the floor as she held onto her bag tightly, “boss we are hungry” Changmin grumbled suddenly the girl looked up I jumped and fell to the floor onto my ass “ouch” “are you ok Yunho?” “yeah I just lost my balance” the girl sort of giggled as she reached into her bag and pulled out a box “uh I have food” she shyly replied holding out the box Changmin took hold of it and opened it he smiled as the smell filled the room it was sweet I fell in love with it, “what is it?” Changmin started to get to know her was I getting jealous? No can’t be, I stood to my feet and looked into the box “it’s my own recipe I call it Rose tout sweet” I looked at her “why the name?” “Because I cook the rice in rose water it’s very yummy” she smiled I love her smile it melts me I feel safe but why do I even feel this way about a nobody?

Changmin smiled as she gave him chopsticks to eat he tucked in pretty quick she handed me some too I was afraid at first but when I took the first bite I fell for her I knew something was stupid “what’s your name?” I asked with a stupid look on my face but she smiled and giggled “Nemo” “Nemo?” “Yeah nemo?” I looked why a name for someone so beautiful I couldn’t call her nemo I wanted to call her my baby I wanted to call her my girl. Ch2 “Uh aren’t we supposed to be practicing?” “ah right well first all you need to do is learn some basic steps” Changmin kept beating me to her I swear he knew I liked her but I bided my time I would get her alone at some point I sat and watched as they danced together I think I fell asleep because I dreamt it was me holding her by her waist as we danced twirling around the room as it went dark and became dimly lit by the stars in the sky, me holding tightly onto her so she never left, me gently caressing her soft cold skin as she smiled with every touch of my fingers, me kissing her neck as she trembled with my touch. Her taking hold of my hand as we held onto each other as we made love under the stars “oi Yunho you have to teach her now” I was woken suddenly by Changmin with a smile on his face I stood up and walked over to her “tch fine ok you do this then this then this and then finish with this ok?” she stood looking puzzled “uh ok well show me again because you lost me with the “then this” part” she mumbled why was I suddenly being mean to her it was like I wasn’t in control of myself “fine” I took hold of her and showed her the dance we twirled the parts she was doing with me in the video were romantic and I couldn’t wait but for some reason I was pushing her away when I really wanted to hold her so close to me I wanted to feel her body on mine but I was being stupid I guess.

That night before I went to sleep Changmin came to my room “what’s with you and nemo?” “nothing I just cant stand working with girls I never know if they are going to talk behind my back to their friends” I was being stupid now I didn’t get that feeling nemo was different somehow and I knew it I don’t know how I knew or why this was happening to me I just wanted it to all end “right ok but it will be ok I just know it besides she seems different like…” “Like?” “Like I’ve seen her before but I can’t put my finger on it” Changmin puzzled before screaming the words “ah ha! It’s that girl we always walk past that’s where I’ve seen her before she has a boyfriend so nothing to worry about eh Yunho?” he mumbled before leaving me to sleep, I began to have trouble sleeping she was there and so was he I wanted to reach out and punch him I mean if I couldn’t have her then no one should I’ve started to become possessive what was happening to me? I stood watching them become more in love why was my mind letting me dream this? Ah I tried to close my eyes in my dream but it wasn’t working suddenly I felt hands covering my eyes they were soft and delicate they were hers I knew because I had held them earlier her voice whispered to me “go to sleep you need to sleep” I looked I could see her as she spoke to him she was looking directly at me I swear it, it was like she wanted to be with me really “Yunho I need you” huh she needs me? I fell asleep with the stupid thought of her needing me in my head.

Ch3 In the morning we had a final practice before the video shoot again we ate her food it was comforting and I liked the rice she made again I got jealous of Changmin when her danced and looked at her and I think it showed on my face because she glared at me but something was changed her eyes weren’t so wide anymore her smile was faked it looked like she was in pain forcing it upon her lips I don’t know what is going on or if I was making the whole thing up just to try and save her but I knew I needed to talk to her alone somehow but how would I ask “hey nemo why the fake smile?” right stupid but I pulled out my cell phone and typed in her name I just got the feeling something was wrong and why would anyone be called nemo besides we are in South Korea we all had Korean names and nemo isn’t Korean ah here we are I read the passage “nemo the Latin word for nobody often used by people who feel like no other name can be used, the name is used by other people to call a person with no meaning in life the word nemo is used cruelly against people who have done things in life that others do not appreciate , nemo is the name of a fish in a movie finding nemo, nemo etc…” what why would she call herself nemo that seems cruel that cant be her real name “Yo Hyung snap out of it last rehearsal” Changmin mumbled as he sat down sweat dripping from his forehead I stood and took hold of her again repeating the steps a few times “I think I have it now you can let go” she mumbled I wanted to say the word no but I think it would have scared her so I let her go I watched as she bent to get her cell phone from her bag suddenly I saw something that made me sick a large bruise on her hip and rib it looked like her whole side was covered she quickly walked out of the room I followed and listened as she spoke on the phone “look I said I will be home later you said it was ok you know this is my job please stop acting like this what happened to you, I haven’t changed the only thing that has changed about me is my name that you made me change listen I have done everything you ask of me isn’t that enough?” her voice changed into a whimper I wanted to hurt the person who did this to her but I couldn’t “Yunho what are you doing?” “ah Changmin Hyung I was just going to get a drink I’m thirsty” “right get me one too” he smiled as he lay on the floor with his legs apart and his arms above his head he looked like he was ready for someone to jump on top of him, I left the room walking past her as she tried to hide her tears I pretended not to see them so I carried on walking,

“Yunho can I walk with you?” I stopped and turned to her and smiled “sure only if you promise me you will stop crying” she stood back “I wasn’t crying” she forced a smile on her lips “ok well come on then” I waited for her to catch up she walked a few spaces behind me I stopped and she walked into me “ouch” she held her side as she stood looking up at me “you ok?” “Yeah” we carried on walking as we got outside it was cold and she had forgotten her coat “aiish cold” she rubbed her shoulders trying to warm up I laughed and put my jacket around her “thanks” she smiled as we sat on a bench under a tree she looked at the floor then her phone rang “I said I will be home later, no you you’re the one being stupid, look I am 25 I can do what I want aiish I wonder why I ever got with you in the first place no it’s not too late to get out oh why what are you going to do to me like it isn’t enough you beat me when you want? I’m coming home later like I told you” she slammed the phone button with her thumb I couldn’t believe what I had just heard but I stayed out of it until she began to cry again “Yunho I am sorry you heard that” I sat next to her and smiled “it’s ok I didn’t hear anything if it makes you feel better” she smiled what the hell did I just say that for “your sweet” “really?” I stood up and began to do stupid stuff to make her laugh what the hell was I doing? She began to smile as I danced stupidly “Yunho stop” she mumbled trying to hold back a laugh but it spurted out suddenly the light was back in her eyes and she wasn’t faking the smile on her beautiful lips “Yunho didn’t Changmin want a drink?” “ah right I guess I will better get back to him” “yeah before he starts acting childish” she smiled as I began to walk she sat looking at her phone before leaving it on the floor and ran to catch up to me we both walked inside to get Changmin his drink.

Ch4 “what took you so long I went and got my own” he sat smiling as he took a sip from his bottle of water I stood next to nemo as she grabbed her bag “I better get back home” “ok you did good today” I smiled as she bowed and left Changmin sat smiling “looks like you have a thing for her” “no I don’t I just think she is a good dancer” I quickly denied having a Crush on her in fact I just wanted to shout to the world I love her but it seems silly loving someone without a name so I set out to find her name “are we done for tonight?” “yeah seems so” I grabbed my jacket and ran after nemo I followed her for a short while as she went into a café and sat in the far dimly lit corner a girl approached her so I sat near so I could hear “ah nemo do you have a shift tonight?” “yeah just on my break I will be here in a few minutes” the girl walked away and came back setting out a small glass with liquid in “thanks my favourite drink” “yeah Winter Rose I still don’t know how you came up with it but it’s yummy and sells very well” “it’s just a thing I do” Nemo smiled as she drank it all and went into the back room I sat looking at the menu before putting on my shades trying to hide “sir how can I be of service?” I looked up from the menu she was stood holding a silver tray and a notepad and pen she smiled it was Nemo but dressed different and looked different she was dressed in a long white dress a cream corset at her waist that started from under her bust and covered her hips the long dress trailed a little on the floor her hair tied elegantly as one side of her bangs fell from her eye she tucked it behind her ear as she stood smiling I looked at the menu for the café name “Moonlight Sonata” “sir?” “ah sorry I was just looking” “it’s ok I will leave for a few moments when you need service ring this bell and I will come to you” she handed me a small silver bell “what?” “each bell makes a different sound and this one summons me to your side sir” she bowed as I watched her make her way to the bar I read the menu and decided right away

I rang the bell and she came to me “sir?” “your name miss?” “sir my name is Winter Rose and I am all yours tonight how may I serve you?” I sat staring at her winter rose suited her perfectly her skin was as white as snow her lips rose red I wanted to smell to touch her she was to be my winter rose even if I have to hunt her I will make her mine “uh I would like the Winter rose” she smiled “very good choice sir anything else?” “hmm the rose tout sweet” I nodded suddenly she stood backwards and tripped on the other girl’s skirt I got up and caught her before she fell my arms automatically wrapped around her waist “ouch get off me” she yelped in pain so I let go of her and watched as she walked to get my order. Sitting at the table I wondered why someone would stay with another who treated them bad was it love or was she just really scared either way I wanted to take her.

“here your order sir I now have to sit with you” I looked at her she looked hateful at me “ok empty chair there” I smiled she shook her head “no I have to sit on your knee” I could feel she was uncomfortable as she stood looking at her feet so I nodded and slid out from under the table a little as she gently sat on my knee “enjoy your order” she mumbled as she sat and watched me drink and eat I could hear her heart beating fast I was nervous I just wanted to hurry and get out of there I didn’t want to make her feel more uncomfortable but it was her job to do this so I carried on “sir may we borrow your girl for a moment?” two guys stood holding a mask “sure” I watched as Nemo got off and followed the guys into the back room before coming back out without Nemo I watched scared something happened when suddenly the small stage was lit with a dim light then a girl came out holding a feather fan and began to dance provocatively for the men who were cheering and looking like dogs on heat I sat and watched as she dropped the fan and took hold of the microphone she began to sing “the rain falls like my tears once you held me in your arms and smiled that smile made me safe that smile became a lie just like your words of I love you once I longed for those words again from you even though I knew they’d be a lie but it was such a beautiful lie I would die for those words, rain keeps falling but you are no longer here just empty corridors of this once brightly lit home that we built together now I just feel like your prisoner, make me feel numb anything for your ghost to leave me alone, the thunder roars outside my window as I lay in our unmade empty bed the words you sang to me once kept me safe nothing now seems real now your gone I just pretend you still love me make me wonder does she even kiss you like I did does she even come to you like I did all I want to say to you is one thing just to ruin your stupid fantasy that all girls are your toys all girls are maidens waiting for you to take and ruin them I pity you, I pity you…” her words echoed her pain in her heart even though no one took notice of her cries I promised myself to heal her.


I waited outside the café “hey Nemo close up for me” “sure” I watched as she locked the door and pulled down the metal shutter but it was stuck “aiish why always me you give trouble why you never jam when anyone else locks up? Like I haven’t had enough of being messed around” she sniffled as she jumped to grab the bottom of the shutter I ran over to her “here let me help you” I leaned up and pulled it down “thanks I can take it from here” she smiled as she pulled it to the floor and locked it I smiled “you ok?” “of course thanks to you” she grabbed her bag but she didn’t see me she just walked but then stopped “Yunho?” she turned to me and glared “why you here?” “I wanted to ask you something” “go ahead” I stood scratching my head as she stood holding her side “are you alright?” “yeah just a little sore” “what happened?” “I fell” she smiled before walking away I followed to catch up to her “look don’t hide from me I just want to help” “with what I said I am fine” she mumbled holding her bag why was she being stubborn I just wanted to grab her and shake some sense into her. I carried on following her until she met with a guy “there you are where have you been?” “working” “I don’t want you working I want you at home in my bed where you belong” “look don’t start this again I’ve had enough for one day” “oh I’m sorry come on home and I will make you feel better” I watched as he grabbed her hand tightly the pain on her face was too much for me to see but I couldn’t do anything but for some reason my body acted by itself “hey Nemo you forgot this” I handed her a small card “ah right sorry for the bother of you bringing it to me” “it’s no bother” I smiled “and who is this?” “ah Yunho” “as if he the one from that stupid band you listen to?” “yes” I stood glaring as he tightened his grip on her “yes can we go home now?” I watched as she flinched with his touch the pain looked too much to bear “you stay away from her” “we work together that’s all” I mumbled before walking away I didn’t want to leave her with him but what could I do,

“I don’t want you working with him” “tough it’s my job what do you want me to do quit?” “if that is what it takes then yes” “idiot” “don’t you dare call me names” *slap* “ouch what was that for?” “for talking out of line you know better than to do that” “leave me alone” *crunch*

I sat on my bed worried for Nemo when my phone rang “hello?” “it’s Nemo uh are you busy?” “for you no I’m never busy” what the hell did I say that for? I asked myself when the sudden words exited my mouth stupid me “uh could you meet me I need your help” “what happened?” “I don’t want to bother you I just need you” she needs me what the? But I never had to think of it instead I asked where she want me to meet her and I ran there as fast as I could I found her sat under the tree I sat next to her she held a cloth to her eye “Yunho” she fell into my arm her tears fell all I wanted to do is kill someone for her just to make her happy I’d do anything for her “what’s wrong?” “I left him I need help” “left who your boyfriend?” “yeah well fiancé I don’t know why I ever stayed with him please help me?” I listened as her words hit me her tears fell onto my shirt soaking through to my skin I hated seeing and hearing her like this “ok I will take you somewhere you can be alone for awhile” I took her by the hand and wrapped my Coat around her as I snuggled her into me as we walked to my apartment.

“here you can stay here for as long as you want” I turned to leave when she grabbed onto my arm and looked up at me tears fell from her eyes “stay with me tonight?” she softly whispered through her tears I wanted to but I was afraid of doing something to hurt her but she insisted pulling me into the apartment and closing the door before walking into the moonlit sitting room there she stood for a few moments alone.


“Yunho I need you” she mumbled I stood holding onto the cloth she had on her eye there was blood on iT “Nemo are you ok?” “yes” she turned to me and smiled that’s when I saw her eye fully “did he hit you?” “no I fell” I looked at her as I clenched my fist “did HE hit you?” “no!” she kept repeating her words “Nemo!” she looked at me and ran into my arms “you are warm can I stay here close to you?” she softly spoke my heart skipped I love her and I would do anything for her I have never felt anything like this before “Nemo?” “please let me stay close to heart I feel safe with you Yunho” I began to feel my eyes swell with tears “don’t let me go?” she asked “never” I sniffled as I held her closer to me she began to feel warmer she had never felt warm even when I held her whilst we were dancing I softly trailed my hand to her side “ouch” she backed away “I’m sorry” “it’s ok” “let me help get those off” I spoke realising my words sounded sexy she just giggled “ok but be careful it hurts” she turned her back to me and pulled her hair high into a pony tail I began to untie the corset she sighed “feels better I can breath” “good” I let go of the corset the dress she was wearing looked amazing on her I unzipped the dress and let it drop to the floor leaving her in a vest and shorts that’s when I saw her injuries “let me see” “no” she moved away and jolted “let me” I grabbed her arm and pulled up her vest there I saw her side it was badly bruised I gently touched it “ouch” she cried “I’m sorry” “it’s ok” I went into the bathroom and turned on the cold water tap “Nemo lie on the bed for me” “huh?” “nothing sexual just trying to help” I smiled as she crawled on to the bed and lay nervously, I walked in holding a bowl of cold water and placed it onto the bedside table I took off my shirt and soaked it before placing it gently onto her side

“ouch” she began to cry “I’m sorry Nemo I don’t want to hurt you” “my name isn’t Nemo” “well what is it?” “it’s Snow” I looked at her looking helpless on my bed “Snow such a perfect name for you” “huh?” “I don’t know what I am saying sorry” I hid my face what the hell am I doing she smiled at me before taking hold of my hand “Yunho it’s ok I trust you that’s why I told you my real name” she smiled as she began to drift asleep, I began to cry for her if I let her go back to him would she even be here talking to me or would she be dead I don’t want her hurt again so I went into the sitting room to think “Yunho? Where are you?” I heard her crying I ran into the bedroom to find her holding her knees to her face and crying “you left me” “only for a moment you were asleep” “oh ok” she smiled before sitting closer to me “keep me close to your heart?” I looked at her, her eyes sparkling in the moonlight I wanted her by my side always so I sat on the bed next to her “Snow is staying close to my heart this I promise” I smiled the words felt perfect they felt the right thing to say to her I was just going to ask her to be my girl but this way was just perfect “Yunho I don’t want to sound stupid but I hurt” “you do?” “yes” I held her in my arms as we lay together on my bed I waited for her to fall asleep before falling asleep too.

Ch7 2am I was awoken to her crying again “Snow?” “nothing” I watched as she sat on the floor in front of the window “it’s raining” “really?” I went and sat next to her I put my arm around her shoulders “Yunho?” “yeah?” “can I stay close to you for a little while longer?” “sure come here” I took her in between my legs wrapping them around her keeping her close and safe this was the closest I’ve ever been to a girl I really love her I really would kill someone for her if only to see her smile again “Snow?” “yes?” “you make me feel strange” “I do? I’m sorry” she lowered her head “no” I giggled “it’s good” “how?” I took her hand and placed it on my heart to make her feel my heart beating fast “I do that to you?” she shyly asked hiding her face behind her hand “yes and I like it” she leaned closer to me and took hold of my hand and placed it on her chest “you make mine too is it ok for it to be like that?” she smiled “yes are you happy I make you feel that?” “I don’t know I mean I am a nobody you are the Yunho from tvxq is it allowed?” I looked at her I knew she wasn’t bothered by the fact I’m in a band otherwise she wouldn’t be like she is with me I shook my head and she jumped “I mean it it’s ok for you to feel like that for me” I smiled as I held her cheek she felt warmer like my feelings were healing her “I’m scared” “scared? Of what?” “of feeling love” “why?” “because I don’t want to be the only one who is in love I want to be loved in return always and I never want the person I love to fall out of love for me” I looked at her how could anyone fall out of love with her she is perfect in everyway well to me she is “Yunho?” “Snow I love you” I said but she didn’t hear or she pretended to not listen to me we sat watching the rain together it was the perfect moment for me.

Suddenly she turned to me and placed her hands onto my shoulders and smiled “you know something” “what?” “I just thought of wanting to do something to you” I panicked but why all of a sudden was she forcing herself onto me? “Snow you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do” she smiled as my words just pass her she lowered her hands to the top of my jeans but I did the right thing and moved away “no Snow” she sat glaring “but isn’t that what you want?” “not like this no!” I had to be firm she was acting strange it wasn’t like her at all, she stood up and sniffled “ok I was just well it’s ah nothing never mind I’m going to sleep” I watched as she crawled under the sheets and closed her eyes she looked like an angel.

I sat next to her I knew she was pretending to be asleep but i just let her,the next morning i woke to find her asleep under the window so I crept over and covered her with a blanket before getting breakfast ready today was the shoot for the MV Android she was the girl we were lusting for, “hey snow you feel any better?” “a little i cant wait for today” she giggled as she tucked into the breakfast i gave her.
i walked with her to the shoot before we had to part and get ready it was changmin and her turn to shoot i sat and watched as they held hands she looked at him as he sang before she let go a nd ran off the set her part was done the director called cut i waited nervously for my turn to shoot i badly wanted to hold her the director called for us but she was still changing and getting ready as she and the makeup artist ran to the set i stood staring her hair changed to platinum like snow had fallen onto her she stood next to me “nervous?” “no im with you” she smiled as i grabbed her hair “ouch” “its your hair?” “yes i have no idea how it happened i was just sitting there and when the woman came in she gasped and showed me my hair” “i like it, it suits you perfect snow” Buddha i wanted to just grab her and pish her against the wall and make out with her she made me feel like an animal “yunho you think i will be ok?” “huh?” i had no idea what she was asking but we had to shoot i had to kneel infront of her and sing as she smiled before taking my head into her hands and placing a kiss onto my forhead before she had to run and i had to chase after her and sing to her before we had to sit on a bench and hold hands as the moon came out she had to place her head on my shoulder before changmin and i had todo a dance scene.
after the vudeo changmin took us both to get food of course he ate more then us but snow could give him a run for his money to me this girl was the most perfect woman on the planet not only did she have manners honour loyalty strength she could challenge changmin to a food eating contest and win i will make the girl mine,
“there you are you are coming home” her ex boyfriend found her he grabbed her by the arm but she pulled it away “who do you think you are bitch” *slap* i wanted to do something but she shook her head at me i knew she was upto something but i love her so i did as she asked suddenly she clenched her hand into a fist and took a step back “you need to leave right now i am no longer your property i am yunho’s property only he gets to touch me” her words what was she saying “no i own you” *slap* snpw stood as he hit her but suddenly lunged forward pushing him over a table and onto his back before she stood over him “you do not get to touch me ever leave before i do something terrible” snow grabbed him by his shirt and threw him away from her how she picked him up i have no idea.
she sat on my knee and hid her eyes in my clothes “shh you will be ok” i whispered as she tightened her grip, we all finished our food and went back to the apartment.

that night she lay on my lap her snores were like sweet soft noises i stayed awake listening to them, suddenly she woke and took hold of my hand her eyes sleepy she smiled as she pulled my hand onto her chest “do you feel that you make me feel happier, yunho you make me feel complete i thank you” she mumbled before smiling and falling back asleep strangly i felt my eyes well with tears snow made me happy too i think i love her so i decided to show her how fun life can be.
the morning arrived i watched her as she dressed she borrowed a shirt of mine it looked perfect on her “we ready?” i asked as she turned and nodded,i went into the frint roomgrabbing my jacket and wallet and waited for snow “yunho-sii where are you taking me?” “you can drop the formality no call me yunho-sii” “um alright” i took her to the theme park “we are here” “the lights are bright” i watched as she stared at the lights with a smile “like the stars” i have no idea why i said that i sounded stupid “so what you want to go on?” “nothing could we just walk for a while?” “sure we do what ever you want”
i began to walk slowly waiting for snow to catch up when suddenly i felt her warm hand slide into mine “um yunho can i have some cotton candy?” she whispered as she hid behind her hand “sure” i went to the stand and bought a stick of cotton candy before retunring to snow “here you go” i went to hand it to her but she shook her head “can we both hold and eat it?” “uh ok” we both held onto the stick as we took tiny tuffs of the candy we sat and finished the rest “oh uh yunho can we go on that?” she pointed to a haunted house “um sure come on” we both ran to the house and went inside it was decorated like a mental institute which was kinda scary but we made our way through things jumping out at us then the lights went out we were in the dark as a creepy voice echoed our doom snow grabbed tightly onto my waist “are you ok snow?” “no i want to leave” “ok come on just keep holding onto me ok?” i walked like a penguin as we made our way oit the exit thats where i saw her face “you werent scared?” “nope im a man” i laughed as she glared at me then she looked into the distance “i know this place now”….

“come with me i wanna see if its still here” she grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the park and up a hill to where a single tree with a bench stood “whats going on?” “wait one moment i have to see if its still here” suddenly she looked around the tree then gasped “its still here” she sniffled as she pulled a part of the tree which looked like a door inside was a box she pulled it out then sat on the bench “this is where i came when i was a kid i put everything i found was cute and special in here” she handed me the box inside were hair clips,rocks and coins “wow” i smiled as i handed her the box she put it back before placing her head on my shoulder “this is my hiding place i came when i needed to clear my head only the theme park wasnt here i used to sit and stare at the lights of the city” it began to get dark and the lights began to grow brighter as we sat there “snow how about you i dunno lets say…” i stood up and knelt infront of her and took her hand “marry me?” she looked at me and then looked at the tree before nodding “yes i will i want to spend the rest of my life with you” “good because i wasnt planning on letting you say no” i smiled as i placed the silver scrolled ring onto her finger and another silver matching ring onto my necklace “yunho can we sit here for some time?” “of course” we sat for hoirs staring at the sky at the stars i liked it, it was the first time i had ever taken the time to do this.
we made it a regular thing when each of us found something unique to us we went to the tree and placed it into the box six months later we married holding a ceremony in a castle, then news came to my sweet snow they were planning to tear out the tree “yunho we cant let them” “i know we wont” a month passed i had bought the land that the tree sat on so nobody could touch it which made snow happy i loved seeing her smile and i loved when she rested at the tree but then i had to leave for a tour “i will be back in three months i will call and video call every night so please dont be sad ok?” “ok good luck i love you” “i loves you more” that night i had to leave her at three am to get to the airport,…a few days later i called snow “hey how are you holding up?” “i got a cold but im ok” “aww well keep warm and sleep ok” “okies so hows the tour going?” “ok but im fed up already i miss you” “aww dont worry im going to sleep now goodnight” “nite honey bunny” i hung up and sat worrying snow had a cold and i wasnt there to help her i am a terrible husband but i had a job..i kept calling her when i had spare or extra break time,but then she started to miss calls but i didnt worry so much she was supposed to be sleeping and she did answer a few times to assure me a month and a half had past i wanted to go home she had stopped answering my calls altogether and i was really worried but i had to sing in a live..a few songs in we had to change into new costume suddenly everyone was quiet except for the music on the stage everyone i walked past went quiet something was wrong i could feel it..

thats when changmin stood infront of me then put his hand on my shoulder then shook his head “whats going on hyung?” “snow is..snow is dead hyung come here” changmin pulled me into his arms as i stood stiff snow gone how when wait is this a joke it has to be “how when but she cant no i wont let her” “hyung she died in her sleep the cold turned into something worse and she knew thats why she sent this here go watch it i will make an anouncement im so sorry hyung” i watched as changmin stood holding onto his mic before i turned and shook my head “hey play this now on big screen” i handed the stagehand the cd before returning to the stage changmin took hold of my hand and everyone screamed “hyung why arent you watching her message?” “i want everyone to know her and to know that is the woman who will always have my heart” the screen flickered and there she was even looking sick she was still beautiful changmin spoke telling everyone who she was as i stared at the screen holding onto the mic tightly as she smiled and spoke of the times i had shown her and of the tree we soent hours at finally the words “saranghamnida yunho-shi always gomawo for rescuing me i hope i made impact in your life as i intended, now im sitting her telling you i love you the last time from these lips seems beyond painful even i know how you are feeling as you are listening to my words it pains me but i must do this because i love you and you love me so remember me alright otherwise i will haunt you hehe but im sleepy now yunho sleep with me one last time guide me into my dreams one final time saranghamnida yunho” she lay in my bed and had the camera near her face like i was lay next to her i watched helplessly as she drifted but she smiled that smile was like nothing was wrong so i smiled back the screen faded i couldnt see her anymore i wanted snow back but i knew it was inpossible i turned to the fans they were all crying i suddenly felt my body lose its strength and i fell to the floor tears falling i sat holding my head in my hands “her name was snow no her name is snow and no one will ever take my heart from her i guarantee that we were married no we are married and even in death we remain as such she is the best person i have ever known and her memory will remain alive and anyone who dares to destroy anything of hers will pay a huge price if anyone has anything bad to say keep it to yourself all you have to know is i love her nothing more will you get out of me i want to keep her to myself” i spoke and walked off the stage..

seven months past “phew finally i can go home” “yeah and attend to your wife hyung” “yep cant wait to finally get to talk to her even though its only a picture and a grave” “true hey mind if i talk to her too?” “if you want i mean we are a family” we both climbed into the car as we were drove to our home changmin and i shared but he had his own room at the other end of the apartment so i had my own place really i couldnt wait until i got there “ah home yes sleep woohoo” changmin bounded out of the car and grabbed his bag before i dreadingly climbed out and grabbed my bag before stepping onto the doorstep “hey hyung i can hear a noise” “huh that sounds like a…” “like a baby?!” i ran into the apartment and into mine and snows room there sat my omma and my sister feeding a baby a newborn “omma?” “ah son meet your son” “huh?” my sister stood up and handed him to me i took him quickly without fear and looked at him thats when i saw i saw snow wait it cant be mine we only had sex once two weeks before the tour “yunho omma and i came to visit snow and thats when we found her we called the ambulance they took her to hospital and told us she was with baby omma wanted to know if the baby was alive and he was miraculously so we asked for him to be removed and we kept him until you came home” “huh but she didnt” “tell you she was pregnant no but she did tell me” changmin walked in smiling as he handed me a piece of paper “does he have a name?” “we havent named him snow already named him” “huh?” “we will leave you alone get something to east” they left me holding onto my son somehow i knew what tp name him before i read the paper “wang ja you have to name him wang ja” i knew why she wanted to name him wang ja because wang ja meant prince but first i went to her grave..
“snow forgive me but i want to name him dal wang ja what you think i know you cant hit me for my stupidity but i want to add a part too so what do you say?” i sat and waited even though i knew she couldnt answer me but then it was strange a drop of water fell down her grave stone it felt like a hand was on my shoulder thats when i knew “alright son from this moment you will be named dal wang ja,dal wang ja meet your omma, snow meet our beautiful son” i placed him near the grave and he cooed like he already knew his omma i couldnt help but cry i miss snow but at least i have a reminder of her he looks alot like her except he has my mouth well im going now going to raise our son to be strong like his omma like my snow..paii paii ‘kay



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